Adidas Debuts Its 1st Malaysian Home Of Sports Concept Store In Malaysia At Mid Valley Megamall

Adidas Home of Sport Concept Store entrance

All images courtesy of Adidas Malaysia.

Adidas Home of Sport Concept Store entrance

Adidas welcomes consumers to Malaysia’s first Home of Sports concept store in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. This innovative retail destination is revolutionising the shopping experience for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals alike.

Located at the Lower Ground floor near centre court at Mid Valley, the new adidas Home of Sports concept store spans 10,925 sqft, creating an immersive space that reflects the brand’s commitment to sport, inclusivity, sustainability and innovation. A testament to adidas’ dedication to keeping consumers at the centre of all they do – the Home of Sports is created as a hub to foster community, inspiration, and performance enhancement.

Adidas Golf Zone
Football Jersey Zone

adidas Home of Sports

Malaysia’s 1st Home of Sports is a space where communities may connect through adidas to celebrate their unique journeys united through a mutual passion for sport. Creating a platform for all to feel accepted and be a part of something bigger than themselves, the store embodies how home isn’t only a place but a mindset and a feeling.

Unparalleled Product Selection

Adidas Originals Male Attire Zone
Adidas Originals Female Attire Zone
Adidas Originals Kids Attire Zone

The store features adidas’ latest and most exceptional products that range across all categories such as Performance, Sportswear and Originals collections for both genders, with a wide array of kids products.

Built for Change

In line with the brands’ steadfast commitment to sustainability, the Home of Sport features sustainable design principles, materials and elements. Consumers are able to discover sustainable product offerings for those equally committed to the brand’s mission of ending plastic waste and creating meaningful change.

Innovative Displays

Adidas Performance Footwear Zone

The store features dedicated sections showcasing adidas’ latest innovations in sportswear and footwear technology, allowing customers to stay ahead of the game. The Malaysian Home of Sport also features numerous digital touchpoints to engage consumers better than ever before.

Championing Local Creativity

As the first Home of Sport concept store in Malaysia, adidas worked with two local female artists for exclusive localisation pieces for the store by honouring the celebration women that could bring out their best to the store through the form of art. Taking in the ingenuity for their artistic talent to create pieces that are inspired by the culture of Malaysia and adidas, Hanisah and Syikin were the artists that resonated with the brand the most. 

Hanisah Johari – Woven Piece

Artwork by Hanisah Johari in collaboration with Adidas Malaysia

Hanisah’s constant work is an exploration of texture, dimensions and scale in which traditional hand techniques such as knotting, hooking, and weaving, are applied to create expressive and fluid forms. Her interest in creating macramé decor and furniture is sustained by the versatility in design and skill sets that seem endless. 

Immediately upon entering, consumers were welcomed by Hanisah Johari’s woven piece, she was given textiles from deadstock adidas products such as apparels, sports bras and shoes, to unleash her creativity in creating the exclusive woven piece. Employing traditional weaving methods popularised by women; each twine, stitch and colour depicts the vibrant street of Brickfields Little India, interwoven with sports-inspired elements paying homage to pitch lines as well as geometries.

Syikin Abdullah – Mural Art

Mural by Syikin in collaboration with Adidas Malaysia featured in male fitting room
Mural by Syikin in collaboration with Adidas Malaysia featured in female fitting room

As they shop, consumers also discover four art pieces within the store, two distinct art pieces within the women and men’s fitting rooms and two hand painted pillars by Syikin Abdullah. Inspired by the motion and power behind adidas’ tagline of Impossible is Nothing, her artworks take inspiration from track lines and motions of key sports synonymous with adidas. Depicting sports women and men in their element, each character shows a different range of movement and performance. Syikin subtly calls back to her Malaysian roots with the incorporation of bold red hibiscus and native plants such as pothos and begonias.

The ‘Bunga Raya’

Bunga Raya Key City Tee Display Zone

In conjunction with the launch of Malaysia’s first Home of Sports concept store, adidas also debuted the Bunga Raya Key City Tee. Designed around the national Hibiscus flower; the Bunga Raya, a symbol of the country’s strength and values, consumers who purchase a minimum of RM400 worth of adidas products from 14th September to 5th October 2023 can also redeem a complimentary, matching Bunga Raya tote bag while stocks last. adiClub Members can also look forward to Bunga Raya themed and merchandise that are handed out in-stores.

Store Location

The 1st Malaysian Home of Sport concept store is located at Lower Ground near Centre Court, lot LG-088A, Mid Valley Megamall. For more information on the store and Bunga Raya themed merchandise, keep an eye on the adidas Malaysia official Instagram @adidasMY.