A Tight Fit : My Beauty Diary Gold + Marine Collagen Lift Stretch Mask


This is the 2nd “special” mask in My Beauty Diary’s Firming & Whitening Set, the 1st was the Platinum + Pearl Lift Stretch Mask. I’ve finally got the hang of looping the ear hooks properly. It gives a very tight sensation once both ear hooks are up.

I wasn’t sure what the Gold + Marine Collagen Lift Stretch Mask is for so I consulted Google and that led me to the description on Amazon. So it’s supposed to be able to tighten my cheeks and make my face look slimmer. Since it’s for fine lines and skin that lacks elasticity, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Just like the Platinum +Pearl Lift Stretch Mask, the texture of the Gold + Marine Collagen Lift Stretch Mask is not as thin as the newer MBD masks in their regular range. It’s also not as moist as those newer masks even though it contains 28ml of serum.

There was a tightening feeling under my chin but my ears didn’t feel that comfortable because of the ear hooks. I was quite happy to take off the mask as my ears were beginning to feel a bit sore. It’s an interesting mask but I doubt one or two uses will be enough to tighten skin.

However, I was pleased that this mask brightened up my skin considerably. It’s not fantastic for hydration though, in that respect I think it only has a mild effect. I’ve only seen this mask at Sasa, not sure if it is available elsewhere (other than online).