A Herbal Sauna Is Better Than A Conventional Sauna


As an early bird who RSVP-ed for Raw Nature’s official opening a few weeks ago, I received 2 vouchers for a quick-fix facial and for a herbal steam sauna treatment. I was intrigued by the latter as I knew it involved sitting in a tent with a heated basin of water mixed with herbs underneath a stool and sweating it out for 20 minutes.

When I arrived for my appointment, I was asked to have a shower in the shower cubicle next to the herbal steam sauna. After that, I put on disposable bra and panties and sat on the wooden bench in the sauna. Lavender and chamomile had been mixed with the Kangen water in the basin underneath the stool which was being heated by an element.

For the 1st 5 minutes, I didn’t feel particularly warm. One of the therapists opened the curtain and put a basin of warm water infused with lavender for my feet to soak. Then I started to sweat from every pore. Apparently, the herbs mixed in the water are meant penetrate into my skin. There are different herbs for slimming and to address women’s problems.

Although profusely sweating, I felt more comfortable in this herbal sauna than in a conventional sauna because I could still breathe normally. I feel overwhelmed in a conventional sauna and find myself having to open the sauna doors several times for a breath of fresh air but sitting in this herbal sauna for 20 minutes, I only had the urge to open the curtains once or twice when I felt like I had reached the boiling point.

Overall it was an interesting treatment and the scent of the herbs made it quite a relaxing experience. If I had to get into a sauna again, I’d like it to be this type of sauna. Slimming treatments at Raw Nature are also available now and sitting in the herbal sauna is one of the treatments offered as part of their slimming procedures.