69,000 Students Breaking Through Barriers Towards A Healthy Lifestyle With Gardenia Breakthru


Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn. Bhd. calls upon school students to eat right and exercise through the ”Balanced Nutrition, Excellent Students” with Gardenia Breakthru Program. The opening ceremony for the program was held at Victoria Institution, here today. The memorable event was witnessed by Dr. Zalina Mohd Tahir, Deputy Director of Planning and District Education Office Management Sector at the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Education Department alongside the Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn. Bhd. team, Derrick Khoo, Senior General Manager of Marketing and Business Development, and Ena Suhaila Abas, Marketing Manager.

“One of the core thrust in the construction of Malaysia Madani is to tackle malnutrition which impacts the physical and cognitive growth of students. This matter should be addressed accordingly and we welcome programs such as this to tackle this issue together. These types of programs allow the students to be more focused on what matters in life and are very helpful in building a healthier nation. Let us together join hands and remind each other of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle,” said Dr. Zalina.

The ”Balanced Nutrition, Excellent Students” with Gardenia Breakthru 2023 Program

According to Ena, the program aims to provide awareness to the schools on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. “We encourage school students to break through all barriers in their daily lives. It is very important for us to inculcate healthy eating from a young age in order for it to turn into a habit, which will slowly turn into a lifestyle when growing up. The hashtag for this campaign, #BreakThroughAllBarriers, in a way, teaches them to make better eating choices and at the same time, inculcating a resilient mindset.  All these traits encourage the students to be more disciplined as they break through the barriers in life,” added Ena.

The program involves 69,000 students from 55 selected secondary schools throughout Peninsular Malaysia, involving participants between the ages of 13 to 17. The program kicks off with the 8CTIVETM School Tour involving on-ground activities in the selected schools including educational talks and fun interactive games to spread awareness on the importance of healthy eating habits and active lifestyle. Posters and signs on healthy eating are being displayed at the school canteen and around the school compound as a constant reminder of this cause.

The students are also encouraged to take part in the program’s social media competition. Emphasising on the #MengatasiSetiapHalangan and #BreakThroughAllBarriers hashtags, the students are required to post a video or photo on their daily routine, showcasing their healthy lifestyle. The highest number of accumulated entries coming from the same school will win the exclusive Gardenia Breakthru jerseys. Each of the students in the winning school are entitled for the exclusive jersey.

The main highlight of the “Balanced Nutrition, Excellent Students” program is the short video contest. The students are required to send a short video between 3 to 5 minutes duration, edit it with top creativity and originality and email it to the organiser. The theme of the video is “My Experience of Breaking Through Barriers”, a motto in overcoming their daily barriers to stay healthy and strive towards a better version of themselves. Three of the best videos are entitled to win attractive prizes from Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn. Bhd. The champion of the “My Experience of Breaking Through Barriers” short video contest will win RM3,000.00 cash prize, a trophy, and certificate of excellence for each team member; followed by RM2,000.00 cash prize, a trophy, and certificate of excellence for the second place winner; and the third place winner will receive RM1,000.00 cash prize, a trophy, and certificate of excellence. Apart from that, RM1,000.00 cash prize, a trophy, and certificate of excellence awaits the most creative video.