Yummy! Yummy! It’s The Red Velvet Cake


Although I’m not a novice when it comes to baking all manner of cakes, I’ve only discovered the Red Velvet Cake recently. It’s sold at most cafes but I haven’t seen them in any restaurants yet, not the ones I usually go to anyway. I’m not sure if hotel bakeries have them too.

A quick search on Google revealed that it’s a popular cake Stateside and in Canada. According to this informative website, it’s actually Devil’s Food Cake with added red colouring. The pic above is Coffee Bean Tea Leaf’s version and it’s quite a large portion. Well, it had better be at the price they’re charging. It’s enough for 2 persons to share and even then, it is filling. speaking from a glutton’s (me!) pov.

From my observation of the Red Velvet Cakes I have sighted so far, it has 3 layers, comes in different variations of red, has cream cheese frosting and can be decorated on top in various ways. CBTL’s version has desiccated coconut on top and some red sugar beads for decoration, almost looks like a Christmas cake.

At first bite, it tasted mildly of chocolate and the texture was quite heavy. It wasn’t very moist but not hard either. It’s not a crumbly cake, it’s firm even when the fork goes through, which is how I like my cakes. Most Red Velvet Cakes call for buttermilk to be added which is an ingredient I love. I used to make an apple crumble cake with buttermilk, an expensive ingredient in Malaysia and which can’t be found at all supermarkets.

CBTL’s version isn’t too sweet, it’s just right. I have a feeling that the Red Velvet Cake is going to be one of my favourite cakes even though it isn’t a melt-in-your-mouth kind of cake. Anyway, I have always preferred cakes which I have to chew a bit on. I’m going on a quest to discover more versions. You can also find this cake at Pacific Coffee. CBTL’s Red Velvet Cake is RM8.90 before 6% tax.

Anyone know where else Red Velvet Cakes can be found and does anyone like it too?