Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencils


Top to bottom – DEA, FBI, NSA, ATF*, DOD*, M16*

* New shades

Trust Urban Decay to come up with a product I have never used before. Yes, I’ve never used a Concealer Pencil before this. My favoured and favourite kind of concealer is the cream type like MAC’s Select Moisturecover as my under-eye area is quite dry. Previously, there were just 3 shades of UD Concealer Pencil and now there are 3 additions for darker skin tones.

These Concealer Pencils promise creamy, long-wearing, smudge-free coverage for blemishes and discolorations. They glide smoothly on to skin without any tugging and blend easily. Lately, I have been suffering from acne scars and blemishes so these products have come in very handy.

L to R – DEA, FBI, NSA, ATF, DOD, M16

DEA and FBI are the 2 shades that blend seamlessly with my skin tone. If you are a little tanned, then NSA and ATF are probably your shades. There is no cakey look or heavy feel about the Concealer Pencils. They cover up blemishes just as well as creamy concealers.

I don’t have oily skin so I can’t tell if they will absorb excess oil. The formula features Microsponge, a technology that absorbs excess oils throughout the day preventing further breakouts. I can say though that it doesn’t feel dry on my under-eye area. There is no uncomfortable tightness there after application.


These are the 6 shades now available:-

DEA – light/peaches and cream

FBI – light medium/beige

NSA – medium/beige

ATF – medium dark/golden beige

DOD – dark/warm tan

M16 – deepest/cocoa

Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencils are available exclusively at Sephora at RM65 each.

Note : Products were provided by PR for review.