Too Cool For School BB Creams & Primers


There are too many products in Too Cool For School to cover in just one post. In this post, I’m going to cover the face products, i.e. foundations, BB Creams & Primers of which there are a myriad of choices at the shop. Some of the products are really cute as they come in 2 layers, top and bottom half so you get a concealer on top and BB Foundation at the bottom.


After School BB Foundation Lunch Box is one of the dual-purpose products instore with cream concealer on top and BB Foundation at the bottom. I like the spatula in the BB Foundation bottle as it’s easy to take out the product.


Rules Of Pore Get Ready Dual Primer has a powder system to absorb sebum and remove  excess oils.


Rules Of Trouble Dual Cover BB Cream SPF30 PA++ has a concealer balm on the cap which is probably why it is called “Dual Cover”. Formulated with tea tree oil.

pink girl

Pink Girl Jelly Base has fine glittering particles and a rosy pink tone base with a semi-jelly-like texture to cover large pores. It contains aloe vera for moisturisation.


McGirly BB Cream SPF35 PA++ looks like a compact from the outside but it actually contains liquid BB Cream. Press on the center of the container for the BB Cream to be dispensed and apply with accompanying puff.


Blending Cream BB contains avocado fruit extract for moisturisation and sebum control powder to absorb sebum to create a smooth and transparent finish. Reminds me of ORIKS Wild Ginseng Stemcell Essence Twister B.B. Cream.


 Sienna Silky BB Pact SPF30 PA+++ sure has a nice looking cover!


Photoready Pact SPF25 contains vegetable oil.


Sun Day Pact has SPF50+ PA+++ contains Pink pearl powder to correct skin tone for brighter complexion.