Things That Don’t Make Sense In “Lies Of Lies” Korean Drama


128155b3f461465a92b1e23bcecfd4fdLike many Malaysians, I do spend part of my weekends catching up on the latest Chinese/Korean dramas. However I think I watch far less than my friend who seems to be watching just about every C/K drama that is shown on Astro. I haven’t been an Astro subscriber for some time now since everything (just about) is available online these days and I can watch it faster too. I just have to say a few things about “Lies of Lies” Korean drama:

  1. Is this “Lies Of Lies” or “Lie After Lie”? I am confused but the latter sounds better than “Lies Of Lies” which doesn’t sound right at all.
  2.  Ji Eun Soo, the woman convicted of killing her abusive husband is now all set to get the adopted father of her biological daughter, Kang Ji Min interested in her so that she can be her daughter’s stepmother. She doesn’t want her daughter to know her real identity as she doesn’t want her daughter to have a convicted murderer as a mother. However I don’t understand why Ji Eun Soo doesn’t use a fake name or fake identity but her real name. After all, Kang Ji Min is supposed to know her – he even went to the prison several times to interview her and saw her in court too. Each time he went to her prison, he was informed (falsely) that Ji Eun Soo refused to see him. How can he forget her name when it has only been 10 years and he was very interested in her case when she was in jail.
  3. Is Ji Eun Soo’s daughter 10 or 11 years old? The incident where Ji Eun Soo’s husband was murdered occurred 10 years ago while Ji Eun Soo was pregnant. In the 6th episode, Se Mi the adopted mother of Ji Eun Soo’s daughter Woo Joo, informed villainess Kim Mo Ran (Ji Eun Soo’s ex-mother-in-law) that Woo Joo is 11 years old. This doesn’t make sense.
  4. As a reporter, Kang Ji Min is not in the least curious about the background of Ji Eun Soo who keeps appearing/popping up every time he is in a supermarket/convenience store/Cherry Blossom Festival. Even a normal person would have done some background checking on her like googling to find out more about her but this guy just assumes it’s sheer coincidence that she keeps turning up every time he is about to grab a can of beer. She claims she doesn’t like going to the convenience store near her residence because it’s too noisy and instead goes all the way to the convenience store near his residence. How inconvenient for her.