Literally A Cliffhanger As Flower Of Evil Almost Comes To An End


57cb73c6a6c149cd93ba6745750bd3a4Finally episode 15 of “Flower of Evil” sees the long awaited confrontation between Do Hyun Su and Baek Hee Sung. For the past 15 years, Do Hyun Su has been masquerading as Baek Hee Sung who was in a coma. Turns out Baek Hee Sung  was the accomplice of Do Hyun Su’s father, a serial killer. The episode ends with Do Hyun Su chasing Baek Hee Sung all the way to a cliff and the episode ends with Baek Hee Sung shooting at Do Hyun Su which is why the episode is literally a cliffhanger.

So far the drama is better than average thanks to strong performances from Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won. What was surprising was the Baek Hee Sung turned out to be a bit of a scaredy cat when Do Hyun Su had him tied up and looked about to kill him. Didn’t expect such a timid serial killer.

I think the worst character in this drama has to be Do Hyun Su’s sister, Do Hae Su who looks scared, meek and mousey even when she is among friends. Also, how can we believe her character can be so stupid. When she brought her young niece back to the niece’s house to collect some clothes, the front entrance was broken into and the house dark with stuff scattered everywhere. Anyone else would have called the police or made a run for it but she goes with the niece into the niece’s room to slowly pack clothes. If my house was in that kind of condition, I would run away or at least call the police before entering.

Baek Hee Sung’s parents knew years ago that their son was a psycho who enjoyed killing people yet covered up for his crimes even when he woke up from his coma. No wonder they look so glum in every episode. Just a few more days to the last episode.