The MAC Cosmetics Marilyn Monroe Look By Haritha Shan


During the recent introduction to MAC’s Marilyn Monroe Collection, Senior Artist Haritha Shan demonstrated how the Marilyn Monroe look was achieved in a few simple steps. Here are the products used on the model:-

1. Pro Longwear Foundation & Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion, a lightweight serum that saturates the skin with a concentrated boost of hydration, making it a unique hybrid between skincare and priming.

2. Mineralize Foundation/Loose, a silky, mineral-rich Mineralize Foundation/Loose provides a medium-buildable natural to natural-satin finish.

3. Rapid Black Penultimate Eye Liner, a liquid pen-style liner that provides the ultimate precise, bold line in a rich, deep carbon black shade. The line is thin on the inner corners of the eyelid gradually thickening towards the outer corners to a winged shape.

4. Marilyn Monroe Beauty Powder, tinted in a sheer pale peach.

5. Apply a pink shade of blush with a C-effect from temples downwards. Use a soft fluffy brush for a softer effect.

6. For fuller lips, use a lip pencil to create whatever shape you want, rounded or sharp. Use the lip pencil all over the lips so that when you fill in with lipstick, you get a fuller effect. Use a lip brush with lipstick to fill in the lines, pressing into lips for full and luscious lips.

7. Don’t forget the beauty mark (mole).


  1. The red lips on the model is really stunning!
    Anyway I also want to say thanks for the benefit sample! Really appreciate that you took the time to bubble wrap and post it to me, thanks! I did not know that postage charges were expensive these days…

    • You have also received it so fast. I am so glad it arrived safe and sound. Yes, must make sure the gifts get to each person in perfect condition otherwise I won’t feel good about it.