Sulwhasoo Mother’s Day Sets


Other than the holiday season at the end of the year, when else do beauty brands go all out to come up with very nice and value for money sets than in May because that very special day is in that month and it’s so nice to see the variety of beauty sets at various counters. Yes, it’s Mother’s Day in May so a lot of brands make the effort to offer value sets which come in pretty boxes.

In conjunction with Mother’s Day, Sulwhasoo is giving all mothers the ‘Perfect Treat’ in May. Items in the four specially packed rejuvenating sets have been carefully selected to help mothers obtain youthful glowing skin. They are:

 Snowise Duo Set, RM720 (worth RM976)

Snowise EX Set

Formulated with Snowise Tri-white Complex, Sulwhasoo’s Snowise EX whitening line protects the skin from UV rays, Infrared rays and treats internal heat that causes aging. This set consists of the following products:

Snowise EX Cleansing Foam (150ml)

Snowise EX Whitening Serum (50ml)

Snowise EX Whitening Water (20ml)

Snowise EX Whitening Fluid (20ml)

Snowise EX Whitening Serum (8ml)

Snowise EX Whitening Cream (5ml)

Snowise EX Whitening UV Protection Cream (5ml)

Sulwhasoo Pouch

Essential Duo Set, RM355 (worth RM561)

Essential Duo Set

Sulwhasoo Essential line supplements dry skin from inside out with Jaeumdan (a blend of five Korean medicinal plants) to restore the natural health of the skin. Items in this set include:

Essential Balancing Water (125ml)

Essential Balancing Emulsion (125ml)

Essential Balancing Water (15ml)

Essential Balancing Emulsion (15ml)

First Care Activating Serum (8ml)

Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream (3.5ml)

Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream (5ml)

Sulwhasoo Pouch

Timetreasure Duo Set, RM640 (worth RM1,110)

Timetreasure Duo Set

Timetreasure is Sulwhasoo’s premium anti-aging line that helps revitalise the skin to bring back glow and youthfulness to the skin. This set consists of:

Timetreasure Perfecting Water (125ml)

Timetreasure Perfecting Emulsion (125ml)

Timetreasure Perfecting Water (20ml)

Timetreasure Perfecting Emulsion (20ml)

Timetreasure Renovating Serum (5ml)

Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream (3ml)

Timetreasure Renovating Cream (8ml)

Sulwhasoo Pouch

 Timetreasure Deluxe Set, RM1,835 (worth RM2,557)

Timetreasure Deluxe Set

Apart from enjoying Sulwhasoo’s premium anti-aging line, this set also offers a body serum that is formulated with natural essential oil for deep hydration and nourishment for the body as well as its best-selling boosting serum.

Timetreasure Perfecting Water (125ml)

Timetreasure Perfecting Emulsion (125ml)

Timetreasure Renovating Cream (60ml)

Timetreasure Perfecting Water (30ml)

Timetreasure Perfecting Emulsion (30ml)

Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream (3ml)

Timetreasure Renovating Serum (5ml)

Timetreasure Renovating Cream (8ml)

Essentrue Body Serum (50ml)

First Care Activating Serum (40ml)

Sulwhasoo Pouch 

Sulwhasoo’s Mother’s Day Sets are available at all Sulwhasoo beauty counters from May 2014 onwards.