Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen



Looking at the number of health and beauty drinks available here, I get the impression that they are popular. New types of drinks are introduced every year. Decades ago, our grandmothers had their own version of health and beauty drinks by brewing a combination of herbs for hours. Of course, those didn’t taste as nice as the new generation of health and beauty drinks which require no brewing. Just open the bottle and gulp it down in one go or open a sachet and mix it with warm water.

Uniqo introduced Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen more than a month ago with sakura as the main ingredient. Sakura is a symbol of spring, regeneration and beauty. Although the cherry blossom only blooms in certain places and seasons, Uniqo now bring its essence to you in Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen. Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen is the only collagen that contains sakura extract, which has been proven to prevent early aging, stop the generation of toxins and soothe skin inflammation.


Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen contains ingredients that have been scientifically proven to delay aging. It uses high grade and highly purified Nippi collagen to boost its uptake by your cells, providing you with its maximum benefits.

When combined, the sakura extract act as powerful antioxidants and detoxifiers. They suppress your body’s production of melanin while boosting phaeomelanin, giving your skin a radiant glow and brighter tone. Its hyaluronic acid, derived from ‘silver ear mushroom’, is rich in dietary fibres and Vitamin D, hydrates and smoothens your skin and helps it retain its ‘youthfulness’.

The super fruit antioxidants whiten your skin drastically and naturally. They have been known to defy the aging process and are used as protection against harmful UV rays. A sachet per day helps to boost your skin’s ability to recover from sun exposure, aging, and to shield itself against further damage.


I have been taking a sachet a day before bedtime, it tastes almost like grape juice. I usually have it with ice as it’s refreshing. Since I have been testing this out, I have not been using any whitening products other than the Laneige White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack (only used it twice so far). Since consuming Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen, I have noticed my skin condition improve with less dull skin and radiance. There have been no skin inflammations either so I guess it does work as an antioxidant. My skin also feels and looks more hydrated and smoother.

Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen RM218/28 sachets.

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