St. Marc Cafe Sunway Pyramid


dscn1892Other than the lovely parfaits, St. Marc Cafe Sunway Pyramid also offers pasta and if you are there during the promotion time, the pasta sets are RM25.90 inclusive of a drink, coffee/tea cold/hot or some iced drinks. We had the bolognese and basil pomodoro, both with hot coffee.


coffeeI do realise that St. Marc Cafe is more well known for their parfaits than pastas but I also believe that if you are going to offer a dish, then it should be done properly otherwise don’t offer it. The pastas that were brought to the table were soft and the sauces were not thick with a sprinkling of parmesan. Edible but not something I would order again because I think I can do better with ready made sauce at home.

As for the coffee, it was the most bitter coffee I have ever tasted. Normally I don’t need any sigar in any coffee as most coffees have a hint of sweetness among all that bitterness but this one was just bitter and horribly bitter at that. Even with a sachet of sugar, I couldn’t drink it so there it was mostly untouched on the table when I left. I’ve got to stick to the parfaits.