Special-Edition Mary Kay® Dance to Life® Eau de Parfum


mary kay dance to life edp

This special-edition fragrance celebrates the 50th anniversary of Mary Kay and is designed for the woman who dances with every beat of her heart. The soft, fruity floral fragrance inspires each woman to live her life to the very fullest. Special-edition Dance to Life® Eau de Parfum was inspired by Mary Kay Ash whose belief that “one woman can” has inspired millions of women around the world to find the confidence to do and be what they dream. The uniquely shaped bottle is dressed to dance too. It is inspired by the fluidity and elegance of the soft swirl of a beautiful gown.

  • Top notes include Wet Apples and Rose de Mai.
  • Middle notes include Jasmine and Magnolia.
  • Bottom notes include Vanilla and Warm Amber.

I like the design and colour of the bottle and can see how it is inspired by an elegant gown. The scent is a combination of floral and fruity. It doesn’t have much staying power though as I can’t smell a trace of it after a few hours. For a EDP, it could have better staying power. Anyway, the product is no longer available.

Product reviewed is a press sample.