Sorabee @ Da Men USJ Shopping Mall Soft Launch



Today marks my 1st visit to Da Men USJ Shopping Mall. At least access to this mall is quite easy, I didn’t have to go into parts of USJ I wasn’t familiar with. Parking is free at the moment and that means more visits! I haven’t finished exploring all the floors.

Anyway, the main reason for this visit was an invitation to Sorabee standalone counter’s soft launch. Bestsellers at Sorabee include the Balancing SS Mask and Balancing Aqua Cream. The new 310 sq. ft. counter has an inviting open concept with a marine feel thanks to the aquarium. A majority of Sorabee products are water-based with marine ingredients.

ss mask



Sorabee is the first company in the world to successfully extract a high quality collagen from the sea star, an important skincare ingredient. “Sora” means “Sea” and “Bee” means “Honey” in Korean which translates to “honey from the sea”.  Their products are priced between RM63.60 and RM121.90. For more information, please visit or