SKII Ageless Beauty Facial : A Pampering Treatment For Youthful Skin



Given the high quality of SKII products, I had no doubt that their facial would be quite exceptional and was looking forward to their Ageless Beauty Facial @ Isetan The Gardens. Generally, facials which employ Japanese techniques are really a class above the rest.

Before the facial yesterday, I had a skin check with SKII’s Magic Ring but due to technical issues, the results didn’t show. Anyway, for the uninitiated, SKII’s Magic Ring Skin Check analyses the 5 critical skin dimensions namely : texture refinement, radiance enhancement, spot control, wrinkle resilience and firmness power.



SKII offers 4 types of facials: Essential Pitera Facial @ RM209, Aura Brightening Facial and Ageless Beauty Facial, both at RM279 and LXP Miracle Facial @ RM419. All the facials are 75 minutes long save for the LXP Miracle Facial which is 1 hour 45 minutes long.


The Ageless Beauty Facial begins with a double cleanse. I should mention that SKII provides a pillow to support the legs and a thick duvet for ultimate comfort. The 1st product used to cleanse was the Facial Treatment Gentle Cleansing Cream which is so luxurious. This was followed by a foamy cleanser.


Next, the beautician prepared my skin for extraction by placing the steam machine over my face. I like the SKII beautician’s professionalism as she’d ask me to inform her if I was feeling uncomfortable in any way and she’d ask if I wanted a particular blackhead extracted by pricking it out.


This was followed by a massage with 3 products : Facial Treatment Oil, Facial Treatment Massage Cream and Signs Uplifter. What a lovely massage, I could tell from the massage techniques that having regular Ageless Beauty Facials would be effective for skin firming and resilience. My shoulders were given an equally good massage.



After the wonderful massage came the Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask which is a 2 piece sheet mask – the top part addresses fine lines while the bottom part firms and lifts up skin. The mask felt nice and tight. The beautician used the ultrasound device to help the essence in the mask penetrate into skin. The mask was left on for almost 15 minutes. This mask is available in a box of 6 sheets and each sheet is worth RM94 so that makes this facial really worth the price.


To help firm up my skin further, the beautician applied RNA Power Essence and RNA Power Cream. Overall, this was a very enjoyable and beneficial facial. Anyone with anti-aging issues should seriously consider this facial. Just look at the results of my Magic Ring skin check after the facial (the machine was working again!).


I almost fell off my chair when I saw the results as I scored an overall 79% with 75% for texture refinement, 81% for firmness power, 80% for radiance enhancement, 79% for spot control and 81% for wrinkle resilience. At my age? I must say it’s all thanks to SKII as I have been using their Facial Treatment Essence diligently for some time now. #changedestiny…’s all possible with SKII.