Secretleaf Pure Oil Series 01 Organic Argan Oil



The beauty of receiving or subscribing to beauty boxes is being introduced to new brands. Secretleaf is a local brand which has been around since September 2010. Their most famous product is the Pure Oil Series 01 Organic Argan Oil. They also have a Pure Oil Series 02 Organic Tea Tree Oil. Their products are sold nationwide through their network of registered distributors, chains of pharmacies and beauty salons, including online purchasing via their website. You may like to read the product description on the Organic Argan Oil here or watch this youtube video.

Secretleaf’s Organic Argan Oil comes in a 15ml dropper bottle, rather small in comparison to Melvita and Josie Maran’s version which come in 50ml bottles. This bottle was in MIVVA’s March box. The first time I tried Secretleaf’s Organic Argan Oil, I was struck by the similarity in texture and consistency with Josie Maran’s Argan Oil Moisturizer.


Josie Maran’s has a slightly stronger argan scent. Just like any other argan oil, Secretleaf’s Argan Oil is multi-functional and can be used on face, body and hair. It has an instant softening effect on skin. I have used it on my hair but very sparingly since  this 15ml will run out quickly if I used it on my hair regularly. On skin, Secretleaf’s Argan Oil absorbs very well and doesn’t feel oily afterwards. This 15ml bottle is lightweight (as is the oil itself) and I’d take it with me if I was away from home for a few days.

Secretleaf’s Argan Oil is comparable to the other 2 argan oils I’ve used and reviewed. However, I do think Secretleaf’s is rather pricey at RM75/15ml which works out to RM5 per ml whereas Melvita’s is RM111/50ml and that works out to be just RM2.22 per ml and Josie Maran’s is RM169/50ml which works out to be RM3.69 per ml. They do have a current promotion of a Twin Pack @ RM82.50 on their website.


  1. Salam. Sy nk tny .. dah sbulan lebih sy mggunakan ps01 dan moisturizing soap argan .. masalah slps sy pki jrawat sy smkin naik di bahagian dahi yg sebelum sy tiada jerawat di dahi . Boleh bg sdikit keterangan ?