Roman Pan Pizza ‘al Taglio’ Master Alice Pizza Debuts Its First Franchise In Asia With Famed Thin, Light And Crispy Servings In Buzzing Wan Chai District, Hong Kong


Alice Pizza, the celebrated leader in Roman teglia pizza and named among the Top Pizzerias in Italy 2023 by esteemed rating platform Gambero Rosso, brings its rectangular, pan-baked recipe to Hong Kong in early September, in buzzing Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai. True to Rome’s heritage of deliciously thin, light and crispy pizza sold ‘al taglio’ (by the cut), most of the ingredients used are imported from Italy for the brand’s first franchise in Asia.

Unveiled in Hong Kong by prime brand distributor and pioneers of luxury Bluebell Group, Alice Pizza is a master of Roman pan (teglia) pizza, which goes into the oven in large rectangular baking tins and emerges within 10 minutes to be served ‘al taglio’ – cut into pieces and sold by weight. It has sold 7 million kg of pizza since opening in 1989, and through its artisanal excellence and entrepreneurial ingenuity became Italy’s first pizza chain.

Originally consumed as street food by workers on the go, this easy-to-buy and convenient-to-eat ‘al taglio’ style of pizza was invented in Rome and is now common throughout Italy. Freshly baked pizzas are cut according to each individual’s preferred size and quantity, and purchased per gram or kilo. This tradition allows more flavours to be enjoyed at one time in a true pizza-tasting experience, whether solo or shared with family and friends.

Up to 28 pizza lovers can dine in at tables lining the front wall of windows at the new Hong Kong branch, with takeaway and delivery options available. The prime Wan Chai location is less than 10 minutes’ walk from the MTR station and nightlife area, ideal for a light lunch, casual dinner, or snacking throughout the day.

Almost two dozen different toppings will be available daily from a dedicated pizza menu spanning classic flavours, vegetarian and vegan offerings, and more than 10 innovative choices that will excite pizza connoisseurs and gourmets seeking Italian comfort food – cooked in an Italian-made multi-chambered electric oven identical to that used by its sister shops around the globe.

The popular international chain, which now embraces almost 200 pizzerias in Italy and beyond, was founded by Domenico Giovannini in Via delle Grazie at the edge of Vatican City in central Rome. Its award-winning creations begin with Italian flour, extra-virgin olive oil and minimal brewer’s yeast in a recipe that has remained constant since its inspired beginnings more than 30 years ago. While maintaining authenticity, the brand had the foresight to refine the Roman-style dough, reducing the amount of yeast by a tenth to reflect a contemporary love of lighter, crispier, high-quality and healthier pizza.

In no time, Alice Pizza was hailed by many food critics as the best in Rome. Building on the secret of its success – the dough – its pizza artisans use the freshest local and seasonal ingredients in imaginative and compelling toppings. Exacting standards are assured whenever a new branch joins the family; the Alice Pizza Academy was launched in 2013 to train pizzaioli and elevate their craftsmanship.

Fulfilling a vision to bring the culture and tradition of Roman teglia pizza to the world, the Hong Kong pizzaioli have acquired their considerable skills from trainers of the Alice Academy.

“Thanks to the collaboration with Bluebell Group, our artisanal preparation handed down to our pizza makers for three decades using quality Italian ingredients has now arrived in Asia,” says Alice Pizza founder Domenico Giovannini. “I am thrilled that Hong Kong customers will be able to enjoy the original Roman pizza – the same freshly cooked and freshly cut sensations and satisfaction that our Italian patrons savour every day.”

White brick walls and lights hanging on sleek black metal frames from the high ceiling dress the bright and contemporary 800 sq. ft interiors of the Hong Kong branch. Alice Pizza’s signature hues of green, white and red neon, and an Instagrammable wall offer elements of colour and interactivity. Oven action is visible through windows into the kitchen, while a long white marble-topped counter framed by light-toned wood displays the vibrant flavours of the day.

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