Roey De Beaute Facial


One of the reasons I purchased a voucher for a facial at Roey De Beaute was because I was curious about Bruno Vassari skincare products. I’d seen Bruno Vassari ads in Chinese magazines but knew next-to-nothing about it other than that it is a Spanish brand.

Roey De Beaute is easy to find if you know the Sri Petaling area well. You can’t miss it as it’s along a row of restaurants and their signboard is really huge. You can see it clearly if you are coming from the direction of The Store. The salon is located within a boutique but once you’re inside the salon, you wouldn’t even notice it’s a salon within a store as it’s quiet in there and there is a homely touch to the place.

I liked the beautician, Jasmine from the first moment I stepped into the salon. I have acquired certain vibes about places and people and I know instinctively whether I am going to be comfortable at a certain place or whether I am going to get along with someone within a few seconds of being there or meeting someone.

There was no consultation or sales talk to get me to upgrade the facial, such a relief. It was straight to the facial room (there are two – one has a single bed and the other has two single beds). The facial was rather basic so I won’t go into the details other than that the enzyme peel was an interesting product as it was left on my face as the steamer was above me, it gave my skin a tingling sensation.

I was right about Jasmine as I did have a good chat with her during my facial. She told me that she realised there was no point in hard-selling a facial package to customers who purchased vouchers like me since the majority would just come to try out her facial and also try out facials at other places with similar vouchers.

She acknowledged that with the wide availability of vouchers online, these days it was getting harder to persuade customers to sign up for a package when they could so easily try out facials at other places at a fraction of the price they would have to pay for a package.

She has ten years’ experience as a beautician and it showed in the way she massaged my shoulders and face. I enjoyed the facial as it was also an introduction to Bruno Vassari products. She used the hydration range on me but a more appropriate range for my rapidly ageing skin would have been the Kianty range which has polyphenols as one of its key ingredients.

Roey De Beaute is located at 3-1, Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.