RMK Deep Iridescence Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection


Deep Iridiscence products used on the model:-

  • 03 Eyes
  • 04 Blush
  • 03 Lips
  • P33 Nail Colour

RMK’s Deep Iridescence Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection seems like a bit of a departure of their usual shades because the look is more Gothic than the sweet pastel colours I have come to associate with RMK. Their Collection at the counter consists of 4 lipsticks, 3 nail colours, 4 blush duos and 6 mono eye shadows. There is a Christmas Palette featured on their website but I didn’t see it at the counter.

Through a personal makeover by RMK’s trainer Adrian Sin. I was introduced to the Collection and also had an update on their latest products. I haven’t visited any of their counters for so long that I am really not up-to-date any more vis-a-vis RMK products. I’ll go into detail on the base products some other time because I have a lot to cover on the Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection.

There can be little doubt that the Collection focuses on the eyes with the 6 Deep Iridiscent Eyes, duo-shades made with polarized pearlescent particles. The darker shade on the rim is black combined with the shade in the centre and is applied on the eye socket while the shade in the centre is layered over the darker shade to magnify the effect of the black shade.

Colour pay-off is pretty good and I found that the colours are a lot less sheer than what I’ve come to expect from RMK shadows. In a way, this is value-for-money as you get 3 shades in 1 pan. The shimmer in the shadows is very, very fine and this enables a sophisticated smoky look to be created with each shade.

01 Iridiscent Brown

02 Iridiscent Deep Red

03 Iridiscent Deep Navy 

04 Iridescent Deep Purple

05 Iridiscent Deep Green

06 Iridescent Deep Gray

The eye shadows feel a bit wet and creamy, they are easily picked up whether with fingers or brush although it might be easier with a brush when it comes to picking up the outer corner shadow. The shadows and blushes have a moist granulation formula and have a 70% water base.

The 4 duo shades of Creamy Sheer Powder Cheeks are kind of unique in that one side is creamy with shimmer particles and the other side is the sheer colour. The creamy side is a tone-correcting cream base and together with the powder blush, they create a subtle shimmering blush.

01 Rose

02 Pink Beige

03 Coral Orange

04 Beige Brown

The lipsticks are double-layered with a glossy inner core and colouration on the outer layer. They glide on to lips very smoothly.

Products used during the makeover:-

  • Gel Creamy Foundation 102
  • Pressed Powder N 02
  • Deep Iridescent Eyes 06
  • Creamy Sheer Powder Cheeks 03
  • W Irresistible Lips 01
  • W Mascara (amazing product as it lengthens lashes like no other!)

Prices of products in the Deep Iridescence Collection:-

  • Deep Iridescent Eyes RM110
  • Creamy Sheer Powder RM130
  • W Irresistible Lips RM90
  • Nail Colours RM65