Ramen Bari-uma Opens At Jaya Shopping Centre



More and more ramen restaurants are opening up in the Klang Valley. There are quite a few at MidValley/The Gardens and now a new ramen eatery has opened at Jaya Shopping Centre. The ramen noodles here are made in-house and the menu is easy to navigate as there are only a few pages.


Their signature dish is Bari-uma which is pork flavoured shoyu soup with thick-cut flamed chashu.


If ramen isn’t your favourite, they also serve chaofan in very hot stone bowls. At RM14.90-15.90, I think those are good value.

I wish I could tell you what the ramen tastes like but the opening which was supposed to take place at 1pm sharp was still on hold as at 1.30pm and I couldn’t wait around any longer as I had some urgent matters to attend to and I was starving so I had to grab a quick lunch at the café at Cold Storage which by the way isn’t as good as it was when it first opened thanks to my order being lost in non-translation. Some people are really in the wrong jobs.