Pop Beauty Lid Monochrome



One of the best features about Pop Beauty eyeshadow palettes is that they almost always include easy-to-follow instructions from Sara Strand, founder and creative director of Pop Beauty. Lid Monochrome has the instructions on the inner cover which I think is much better than having them on the bottom of the palette. This makes it much easier to refer to them as you apply the eyeshadows.

This combo gives you six key base shades with a symmetric color harmony ranging from ebony to ivory (you can bet a smoky eye look is highly achievable with this one whatever your level of makeup skills!), luxe glimmer to no shimmer.


There’s another palette similar to this one, Lid Amethyst with six cocoa and maroon shades but the last time I checked at Sephora Starhill, it wasn’t there yet. Lid Monochrome and Lid Amethyst retail at RM80 each.