If You Can’t Go To The Vines, The Vines Can Come To You : Caudalie A Stroll Through The Vines Shower Gel Set



Did you know that “caudalie” is a French word which is a  unit measuring the duration of the wine’s flavor on the palette. For each second the flavor remains this is a caudalie. The finer a wine is, the more caudalies it has. Thanks Wikipedia!

The French brand, Caudalie is renowned for products containing ingredients from grape vines, stalks, saps and seeds. Caudalie has patented polyphenols, resveratrol and viniferine. Some of their world famous products include Premier Cru Face Cream and Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet.



While browsing at Sasa recently (hadn’t been inside any of their outlets in months), I discovered the Caudalie “A Stroll Through The Vines” Shower Gel Set. Nothing like colour to grab one’s attention, wouldn’t you say? In this set are 3 x 75ml shower gel tubes:-

  • Fleur De Vigne® (watermelon/white rose/pink pepper)
  • Zeste De Vigne (sweet lemon/petit grain/bergamot)
  • The Des Vignes (white musk/neroli/ginger)

The box itself is very nice as it has a clear front so you can see all the shower gels and it is quite a sturdy box. I’d say it looks more expensive than it actually is. If you were giving this away, your giftee would probably think this cost more than RM60.

On the back of the box is a quote from Mathilde Thomas, one of Caudalie’s founders – “Experience the feeling of a stroll through the vines at dawn, noon and dusk”. I have visited a vineyard before but only had a peek at their cellars, not their vineyard so I wouldn’t have a clue or notion what strolling through a vineyard is like. I can only imagine it’d be quite romantic a la K-dramas but anyhow, I have no inclination to stroll through one any time soon.

Of course each shower gel in this set has its own unique and distinctive scent. One thing they have in common or perhaps two things they have in common is the scents are relatively mild and the scents are more fruity than floral. I don’t have a favourite among the three. I think they they are all equally nice and the scent does remain on my skin after my shower. All the shower gels are clear. I thought they would be green, yellow and red respectively but it’s only the plastic tubes that are coloured.

Almost passed on this set as they had no testers but this being Caudalie, it was a safe bet. I left the shop and then did a U-turn to get the set. Moreover, it’s made in France. I wasn’t likely to regret purchasing this set even at RM58. Makes a lovely gift!