Once You Have It, You Don’t Want To Do Without It


During my 1st visit to Inglot Sunway Pyramid last year, I was introduced to Duraline, a special liquid that turns eye shadows into a liquid formulation. With Duraline, you can turn any eye shadow into liquid form to use as eye liner. For some reason, I wasn’t sold then and didn’t pick it up until my recent visit to their newly opened MidValley outlet. The clincher was when I was told that a drop into a dried-up mascara tube could make the mascara usable again.

Duraline comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. One drop is all you need and sometimes even one drop is a bit much. A minute amount is needed to turn any eye shadows/pigments into a liquid formulation and the shade becomes much more vibrant, brighter and intense. You may not even recognise your eye shadow once it’s been transformed.

It’s very good for using with powdery shadows, you know those which have fall-outs and are hard to blend. Duraline turns any shadows into a more solid and manageable form. I haven’t been using it to turn eye shadows into eye liners since I don’t wear eye liners often. I’ve just been using Duraline to make my eye shadows more metallic and pigmented.

Firstly, I apply some shadow on the back of my hand with a brush, then dispense one drop of Duraline on the shadow and mix them together. The result is a more concentrated version of your eye shadow which is a lot more long-lasting than if you hadn’t added Duraline. I realised this when I washed off the eye shadow added with Duraline on the back of my hand with soap and it was really difficult to wash it all off cleanly. If I hadn’t added Duraline, the shadow alone would have been easily cleansed off with soap.

For some of us, pigments and loose shadows are a hassle to apply but with Duraline added, it’s much easier to blend. This small bottle will last a long time since so little is needed per application. No wonder this is one of their bestsellers. It’s 9ml/RM38 – excellent value.




    • Best way to utilize it is with eyeshadows that are too powdery, just 1 drop of this & your eyeshadows will be much easier to blend/apply, pigments too.