Neesya Lumi Brightening Overnight Mask & LumiScience Illuminating Essence



Now that you have read my Neesya reviews, how about trying them for yourself? If your skin is looking dull and in need of some brightening, look no further than Neesya Lumi Brightening Overnight Mask & LumiScience Illuminating Essence.

Neesya Lumi Brightening Overnight Mask & LumiScience Illuminating Essence improve skin clarity and promote hydration

I have a set of Neesya Lumi Brightening Overnight Mask & LumiScience Illuminating Essence for one (1) winner. If you’d like to enter this Giveaway, please comment on Overnight Masks – have you used them before and what do you think of them, e.g. did they work for you in terms of hydrating etc?

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2. Giveaway ends 4th May 2015.                     .

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Updated 5th May 2015

Winner of this Giveaway:-

Selenaa Tee


  1. I have used both the products of Neesya but only small sample sizes. The illuminating essence really made my skin smoother and more refined. Working in an air-conditioned room, usually my skin tends to look dry and cracked up before I use the products. In terms of hydrating, i noticed my skin looks more plumper now in terms of radiance.

    As for the overnight mask, it is able to give enough nourishment for my skin to regenerate and replenish the moisture lost during the day. The skin doesn’t stay sticky like some brands and i noticed that it really brightens the face after a few days. Marks on the face are no longer that visible.

  2. My very first overnight mask is Origins Dink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. After using it, the next morning, my skin was oilier at the T-zone, but after washing the mask off my skin felt more supple and softer to touch. Overnight masks are ideal for lazy people, like me, and those who sleeps in air-conditioned room.

  3. Overnight mask i’m currently using is Naruko Shine Control & Blemish Clear Night Jelly. It has lightweight gel form of overnight mask, which come with a small spatula with the jar for us to scope out the mask. After applying this mask, it does what it promises for oil control and blemish reduction. Besides, it also have a nice scent of tea tree oil and cooling effect after applying this.
    I wake up at the next morning feeling my skin is more hydrated after few applications.

  4. I started using overnight mask when it first become a hit in the beauty world after BB cream. It is really easy that we can just slathered the product on the face and go to sleep without waiting for the time to remove the mask. With overnight mask, I don’t have to keep on track with the time. Once I accidentally asleep with a sheet mask on and my face became too dry.

    Overnight masks are mostly hydrating and protect the skin for dryness. It also cool down the skin and thus some people find that it helps to reduce blemishes. Currently, there are many overnight masks out there compared to so many years ago so we can even choose overnight mask that offers other benefits such as anti aging, hydration, acne control, pore control and even whitening.
    Because it comes in form of gel or cream time, I don’t have take the time to cut the extras from the mask and overnight mask normally last longer than sheet masks.

    I have tried a few overnight masks and I can say that not all are the same. Some gave me pimples while some really make my face luminous. So, much like other skincare, I can’t say that I love all overnight masks.

  5. I have been using overnight mask for years and it has become one of my beauty staples. I love how the overnight mask keeps my skin well-hydrated and moisturized because I tend to have dry skin after sleeping in the air-conditioned room for 8 hours. I have tried overnight mask form various brands such as Ciracle, Bio-Essence, Nano White Infinity, Naruko, Laneige, Coni Beauty, Origins and etc, most of them are doing a great job in hydrating my skin. My skin becomes softer, smoother and plumper the next day. Oh ya, I’m not sure whether the others experience it too or is it only me, I can see that my pores are more refined too! I will apply overnight mask to keep my skin well hydrated whenever I need to spend hours in cars and airplanes. In a nutshell, I can’t live without an overnight mask now hehe~

  6. What do you think of them?
    I often get lazy to use a mask is because I get lazy to clean my face twice (or 3 times) in one routine. Often, a hydrating or treatment mask comes in a cream form that you apply, leave on then rinse off before going on with the rest of your skincare routine. With a sleeping mask, you apply it, leave it on and go to sleep. How easy is that!!

    Previously I used to use the very popular Laneige Sleeping Pack, which is pretty good if you ask me, but this aging skin needs MORE! More attention! More treatment! More revitalizing goodness! And this Sulwhasoo Overnight Revitalizing Mask gives me all that.

    The texture too is unlike most other similar products I’ve ever used. It’s a cream. A fairly thickish cream that spreads very easily on the skin. The Overnight Revitalizing Mask is meant to nourish, hydrate, treatment and revitalize skin that is tired and dry or dehydrated.

    When I’ve had a late night, or if I’m feeling particularly stressed, I use this mask and it always delivers. My skin looks better the next morning, my makeup goes on more easily and I use less foundation. Win, all around!

  7. Sleeping masks or sleeping packs would be something most of us are familiar with by now. It’s a popular skincare product in Asian, particularly Korean skincare ranges and can be found in all ranges.

    Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Plus. Actually, this is my first leave-in facial mask. I like the fact that it is very easy to use and if I am lazy, I can just skip the toner, serum and moisturizer and lather this on straight away after cleansing and I can go to sleep and still wake up to great looking skin! No dry, parchy, flaky skin!

    Currently, I’m using Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. This is creamy, fragrance-free mask works well to replenish dry skin. Can use it around the eye area, so I don’t need to buy a separate eye cream, even if the skin around your eyes is very dry. My skin is baby soft in the morning. I can feel the mask dissolve with a splash of water, which signals that it really locked in all the moisture. I can’t believe the CHANGE in my skin. My pores looked smaller too. This is now my MUST HAVE product. It keeps my skin moisturized.