Happy April Fool’s Day But This Is No Joke


dsc_4869Over the past few weeks, I have noted your comments on Juniper’s Journal Facebook, read your emails and whatsapp messages regarding tickets to this year’s Estee Lauder Companies Sale. I was going to give each and every one of you who requested for tickets on the assumption that they would once again be e-tickets like the past few years.

However this has now changed due to the fact that tickets are in physical form which means they are VERY difficult to lay my hands on. I had to call in a few favours just to get this small bundle of tickets and due to the limited quantity I currently have, I can only pass each of you who wants to attend one (1) ticket. I know it is a bummer and a disappointment as who wants to shop alone, right? Out of all the years when I managed to get physical tickets, this year is the hardest as I have been informed they didn’t print that many. I don’t know how true that is of course but I have to work with what I have at the moment.

Naturally, I wish with all my heart I could offer more as I’d love to see you all getting your value purchases. It brings me a heck of a lot of satisfaction to see people getting what they want at bargain prices and when you share the photos of your purchases with me, I feel so happy for you.

Anyway although it is April Fool’s Day, I have to hold this Giveaway right away (just got the 8 tickets a few hours ago) and no, this is absolutely no joke. So although I am only able to offer 8 people these tickets (yes one each!), for some it is better than not going at all and perhaps you can obtain an extra ticket from someone else. After all, you might be a regular customer at one of the ELC brands and can probably get at least one ticket from them.

dsc_4868So if you wish to attend the sale on 13th April 2019 (door opens at 10am), please leave a comment here (not on Facebook please) on why you would like to attend the Estee Lauder Companies Sale 2019 and I will pass a ticket each to 8 people who have commented.

Please read this before commenting :-

1. Giveaway exclusively for those who have ‘liked’ Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook page, Instagram and/or followed Juniper’s Journal’s Twitter.

2. Giveaway ends on Sunday 7th April 2019.

3. Winners will be informed via Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook via email once Giveaway ends. Please email or DM me on Facebook to arrange for collection of tickets.

4. Tickets will NOT be sent to winners as it can be lost in transit. We can arrange for a time/place for collection before the sale or collect from me at Berjaya Times Square Hotel (venue of the sale) BEFORE 8am 13th April 2019.

5. If there are only 4 people who have left comments by 7th April 2019, each winner will get two (2) tickets each.

Updated 8th April 2019

I was going to have a hard time picking 8 winners but luckily for everyone who has commented, I don’t have to because all 17 of you who have left comments get a ticket each. Please email/DM me on Facebook to arrange for collection of tickets asap (winners : please ‘like’ the announcement post on Facebook prior to contacting me so that I know you have read this). I’m also including the last person who commented (Alina) even though she commented on 8/4/2019. There won’t be any tickets given other than to those who commented here (the last comment being Alina’s).


  1. I would like to attend the Estee Lauder Companies Sale 2019 because I am Estee Lauder, Mac, Clinique, Micheal Kors super fans!! I want to spend less money to buy my lovely skincare and cosmetics products!! I love Estee Lauder and I love you Juniper for giving me the chance to get the ticket!! hope and pray can get the ticket!!

  2. I can’t wait going to Estee Lauder Company Sales 2019 as I have run out of the stocks for my daily Estee Lauder Star skincare products and MAC cosmetic products. With the ticket from Juniper, I am able to replenish my stocks with much cheaper price. Hope I am 1 of the lucky recipients of the Sales ticket. Thanks, Juniper!

  3. I would like to attend Estee lauder companies sales 2019, becuase I m one of the big fans of Estee lauder, and I wish that I can buy their product with less money hahaha… Thanks juniper for giving out this Estee lauder sales 2019 ticket, I hope I can get it! Thanks!

  4. I love Estee Lauder products for my daily skincare cause its smells, texture and even makes brighter my day if my budget is allow to continuously purchase their products…however its difficult to do so unfortunately and that is the fact. So I cross my finger to wish my luck to get this fantastic ticket to pamper my skin!

  5. Hi, i would like a ticket to attend the most anticipated warehouse of the year! Hehe.. i need to stock up on my skincare, perfume and makeup..estee and clinique products are the bomb! And of coz ladies’ staple, lipsticks and more lipsticks! Tq so much juniper

  6. I would like to go to Estée Lauder Companies Sale 2019 because I’m a loyal supporter for Eestee Lauder. I have used their star products for many years and I hope that by attending this companies sale I can be exposed to more other Estée Lauder products.

  7. I would like to attend the estee lauder sale as I am a fan of most of their brands and I couldn’t afford to spend an arm and leg on the products of I would have if I spend on retail

  8. I would like to attend the sales to restock my Clinique product. New user since last year and it really helps me a lot especially to moisturise my skin. Love it and hope that I can get the ticket! Thanks for having this!

  9. I would love to attend these events because I can buy all the makeup from my favourite brands at one go. I also get to meet wonderful people ie both buyers and consultants who provide great makeup advice. So hope I can really get this ticket.

  10. Hi, may I have one ticket please? I have been a regular attendee of this annual sale but I missed it last year since I was overseas. The year before I had to pay to get a ticket so I really hope I have a chance to get a ticket from you this year.

    • Hi, thanks for highlighting that. I like makeup and skincare and as I am getting older I’d like to scour for great deals on skincare and replenish my inventory. There are excellent products by great brands under the Estee Lauder group, for example Origins, Estee Lauder and Clinique. Also, MAC lipsticks which I had failed to buy when they were going for RM20 and I still have mini regrets til this day.

  11. Hihi, can I have one ticket please.. I heard for this event long time ago but I have no idea how to get the ticket until I goggle n saw someone post, maybe can get from you so that day I message you. I’m a makeup and skincare lover and I like their products a lot and wish to get some product at a lower price. Thanks

  12. Hi Juniper, I would like to stock up on discounted Dr Weil, Clinique and Estee Lauder’s products and to buy some perfumes as gifts too. Thanks for organizing this contest!

  13. Hi Juniper, i want to attend the Estee Lauder Event because i want to stock up my skincare products and perfume with a cheaper price. Thank you

  14. Hi Juniper, I am in my late 50s and wish to be able to buy some great Estee Lauder skin products for my aging skin and perfumes at discounted price. The ticket will be most helpful for me as I can’t afford to buy the products at retail price. Thank you for this opportunity.

  15. Omg how could I miss this! I really really want to go! Need to stick up on origins skin care (last round I got some of the vitamin C mask packs and spot brighteners) and they really work wonders. My skin is much better but I’m running low and I do sincerely hope I can go to replenish. Also, I’m on the lookout for the Doubke Wear Stay in Place foundation. That stuff is my holy grail but since prices have climbed so steeply very suddenly, I’m holding on to its dear life as i reach the bottom of the bottle. I do sincerely hope you’ll consider me. Have been following and reading your reviews for sometimes, and I do sincerely hope EL releases more tickets too 🙁 thanks juniper!

  16. I would like to participate in the event, My skin so much better after i used Estee Lauder product. However, the normal purchase is too expensive. I want to re-purchase/ re-stock again on this warehouse again. I hope i will be chosen to get the ticket.

  17. If I have been chosen I want to take the experience that you have enjoyed before and I understand how difficult to be chosen so I hope my wishes can become true. An Estée Lauder Perfectionist Pro serums for my mom, Clinique mens charcoal face wash for my brother and myself, MAC lipstick for my sister and Tommy Hilfiger Perfume for my friends

  18. Hi dear ❤️ I have been following you since a long time, we even exchanged our photos and etc once we visited the Estee Lauder staff sale together. You passed me the e invite last year and the year before the actual ticket,and I had a blast shopping with all my savings totally worth it all anyway, I would love to go this year too, I am a makeup blogger by the name alluringalina (I follow u from both my channels) and also made my friends and family members follow you. You’re so informational love it ❤️ and from one blogger to another – keep it up I wanted to go with my sis actually I would love it if we kept our trend going on even this year too. Last year I shopped till I dropped and shared my experience with you. You were discussing your mac lashes that we’re no longer in stock with me! I loved it all. Anyway got a wide range of skincare to cologne to makeup… Was really looking forward to this year too ❤️ anyway besides this – keep up the good work love, I know it takes alot of time and patience to do what you do, would love to share my experience with u too this year if I get to go takecae till then ❤️

  19. Omg I just saw this post! I hope I still have the opportunity to get the ticket cause I’ve been google-ing bout this sales since January. I’ve no idea how to get the ticket so please please give me one 🙁 I would love to go this sales to get Estée Lauder essence and not sure whether they have the night repair?! I also want to get origins clear spores products !! Please !

  20. Hiii, I am sorry i just want to ask you is the ticket only for one person? Or we can go with someone who has the ticket?

  21. Please redo the contest dear Juniper..
    I would like to have one of the ticket so I can reduce my beauty cost.I am a big fan of bobbi brown,Mac & clinique..

    Please,please,please DM me or let me know if there is uncollected ticket.. 0133973374

  22. Is the contest still available as I would wish to have a the ticket to enter the sales as I’m a big fans of Clinique and Estee lauder. Much appreciate if there is extra ticket for this. 🙂

  23. Just found out about the contest and sales . I really hope to get the ticket as I’m huge fans of Estee products and by attending this event it helps to reduce my skincare expenses by half!?