MAC Divine Night Mineralize Eye Shadow


mineralize eyeshadow

 1. Captivating  : inside (deep gold), outside (bright white gold base)

2. Exquisite Ego : inside (soft white champagne), outside (bronze base)

3. Gilded Night : inside (black with pearl), outside (bright gold with silver pearl)

4. Past Midnight : inside (soft white pink frost), outside (blackish purple with violet pearl base)

5. Until Dawn : inside (purple taupe), outside (soft gold base)

These MAC Mineralize Eye Shadows from the Divine Night Collection have 2 shades in each pan and can be used dry or wet. I swatched them dry and colour pay-off was good. However, you may get a smoother application if you use them wet.

I have Captivating which is the lightest of the 5 shadows. It’s very sheer and I use it as a base for gold and green shadows. I get a lovely shimmering effect with a golden sheen. Of course I can use Captivating on its own but I find it a bit too yellow unless I mix it with some darker colours.


exquisite ego

gilded night

past midnight

until dawn

Each Mineralize Eye Shadow retails at RM93.