MAC Colourization Collection


Colourization is the second of MAC’s 2 latest collections instore now, the first being Cine-matics. The collection features 8 pre-filled duo eyeshadows (RM103), some of which have seemingly odd pairings of colour.

These are the 8 pre-filled duos:-

(1) Double Feature 1 Bright yellow gold (veluxe pearl) Pinked up chrome purple (frost)

(2) Double Feature 2 Bright lime (veluxe pearl) Frosty deep grey (frost)

(3) Double Feature 3 Mid-tone teal (matte) Deep chocolate (satin)

(4) Double Feature 4 Deep forest green (veluxe pearl) Mid-tone ochre brown (matte)

(5) Double Feature 5 Pale frosty peach (frost) Dark brown with green pearl (frost)

(6) Double Feature 6 Light grey taupe (matte) Mid-tone bronze (veluxe pearl)

(7) Double Feature 7 Bright fuchsia (frost) Cool black (satin)

(8) Double Feature 8 Mid-tone orange (frost) Deep navy (satin)

Double Feature 1 has Golden Lemon and Nocturnelle in it and as the name Golden Lemon suggests, it’s really vibrant and an outstanding golden yellow colour. However at first look, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how a colour like that could be paired with Nocturnelle, a purple.

Then when I applied the two using the fool-proof method of Golden Lemon first from the inner corner of the eyelid towards the middle and Nocturnelle from the outer corner of the eyelid towards the middle and blending the two together, it kind of made sense. It is a beautiful if somewhat unusual combination. If I were to choose two eyeshadows to put together in the palette, I probably would not put these two together. I’d most likely have paired Golden Lemon with a green shade.

As Golden Lemon is a Veluxe Pearl and Nocturnelle is a Frost, the colour pay-off is excellent. I used fingers to apply the eyeshadows and an eyeshadow brush to blend the colours together. The eyeshadows were not applied over any eyeshadow primer.

In contrast with Double Feature 1, Double Feature 5 is more sedate and neutral. It consists of Hoppin’ & Chic It Up, both frosts. Apparently, this combination is currently one of the bestsellers at the MAC outlet I visited. I can see why, it’s an everyday palette which is great for wearing to the office.

Hoppin’ is quite sheer and it took a few swipes before it’d show up as a swatch on my hand. It’s a perfect highlighter tone, if you choose not to use it on the crease. In the pic above, I have employed the same application method as for Double Feature 1, applying Hoppin’ from the inner corner of my eyelid towards the middle and Chic It Up from the outer corner towards the middle.

Chic It Up is a duochrome, it does look more brown than green in the pics but under different lighting, the reverse may be true. I do like Chic It Up because it can be paired with other neutral toned eyeshadows.

Here are 2 more palettes and their swatches:-

Each eyeshadow is 1.4g which is similar to the amount of eyeshadows in MAC’s permanent range. The transparent, magnetic casing is practical as you don’t need to read the label to find the palette you want although I do find them a bit difficult to open if my fingers are oily or sweaty. It would have been nice if they had allocated names to the palettes rather than them being known by their numbers.

Note : Double Feature 1 and Double Feature 5 were provided by PR for review.