Lip Hop Moisturising Lightweight Sun Protection Spray SPF50 Pa++++



When the weather is as hot and humid as it is now, applying sunscreen can turn out to be a sticky affair especially when I start sweating before the sunscreen is fully absorbed. I’ve never used a spray sunscreen on my face until I used Lip Hop Moisturising Lightweight Sun Protection Spray SPF50 PA++++.

The spray, made in Japan, provides protection against UVA and UVB rays. Furthermore, the added Acerola extract contains antioxidant properties and is rich in vitamin C, which helps reduce the appearance of dark spots, while Algae extract aids in skin moisturisation through ceramide and filaggrin. The formulation is free from PABA, parabens, artificial colorants, animal derived ingredients, mineral oil and oxybenzone.

The unique light powdery feeling provides a soft touch and helps absorb the excess sebum on your skin. When I spray this, it feels like all the sebum and sweat has been absorbed leaving my skin feeling quite dry.

Product reviewed is a press sample.