Laneige Introduces Trouble Relief Range


Most of us either have major problems with  keeping our skin hydrated or oil control. Over the past couple of years, I have seen beauty brands come up with skincare ranges which specifically address the problem of keeping excess sebum in check such as Biotherm’s PUREFECT range and now Laneige has just introduced the Trouble Relief range which consists of 3 products.

To be exact, the Trouble Relief range targets sensitive, acne-prone skin. The Trouble Relief range uses the Hinoki Cypress Polysaccharide extract as a key ingredient as well as other plant ingredients in combating acne by suppressing the biofilm (a combination of microorganisms, bacteria and metabolites that lingers on the surface of the skin) on the skin where the bacteria thrives.

The Trouble Relief products work in 3 effective ways to relieve skin trouble and maintain clear, healthy looking skin. These include:

1. Preventing the formation of acne

2. Treating skin irritation

3. Hydrating and maintaining skin’s moisture level in ensuring smooth and supple skin

Trouble Relief Toner, 200ml (RM 110)


Laneige Trouble Relief Toner is an anti-bacterial toner that contains natural fermented alcohol and Hinoki Cypress extracts that keeps the skin clean and smooth after cleansing. The Natural Fermented Alcohol is extracted from the fermentation of grains. It clears away impurities and dead skin cells and has a non-drying formulation, which is ideal for sensitive skin.

How to use : Pour approximately 1ml (2.5cm in diameter) of Laneige Trouble Relief Toner on to a clean cotton pad and gently apply it to the center of your face to the outer edge with a wiping motion. Use this toner after cleansing your face both in the morning and evening.

 Trouble Relief Spot Gel, 20ml (RM 100)

Trouble Relief Cream, 50ml (RM 125)


Laneige Trouble Relief Spot Gel has a gel-type texture that functions to reduce acne inflammation, soothe redness and lighten acne scars. It contains:

1. Natural Salicylic Acid that is extracted from the Willow Bark to unclog pores, preventing acne-causing bacteria

2. Rose (Rosa centifolia flower) Extract, an excellent anti-bacterial extract that relieves bacterial-induced inflammation

3. Centaury Extract that relieves skin irritations to soothe redness of the skin

4. Licorice Extract that accelerates skin renewal to effectively lighten acne marks

How to use : After applying cream, squeeze an appropriate amount of Laneige Trouble Relief Spot Gel on to a clean finger or a cotton swab. Apply it on inflamed acne spots by tapping lightly and use it both in the morning and evening.

Laneige Trouble Relief Cream is made with Gossypium Herbaceum (Cotton) Extract that gives the cream a unique velvety texture. It deeply hydrates dry and damaged skin by forming a protective moisturizing shield on the skin, strengthening the skin’s barrier from external irritants. The cream also contains Schizophyllum Polysaccharide Extract to alleviate skin irritations, repairs skin damage and moisturizes skin for supple and acne-free skin.

How to use : After applying toner, take approximately 0.4ml (1.2cm in diameter) of Laneige Trouble Relief Cream with your finger tip and gently smooth the cream from the center to the outer edge of your face. Use in the morning and evening.

Laneige Trouble Relief range is suitable for sensitive skin as it is mild, paraben-free, non-comedogenic and has been dermatologically tested. It will be available at all Laneige beauty counters nationwide from May 2014.