Sponge Haul From AEON Wellness


t sponge

MidValley is actually a very good mall for looking around for drugstore products since they have at least 5 drugstores there. I usually browse at Guardian and Watsons but AEON Wellness has quite a lot of beauty products which are exclusive to them and I do think they have a better than average selection of beauty accessories, some of which are from Japan but not at exorbitant prices.

While between appointment yesterday afternoon, I scoured the shelves of AEON Wellness and found these 3 interesting sponges, all below RM10. Bargain and won’t damage my budget this month.

t sponge

This white triangular sponge was used by Beaute Pacifique’s Tilde during my mini facial at Robinson’s recently. It retails at RM8.90.

c sponge


A black charcoal sponge that comes in a plastic case, not bad for RM7.90. Contains activated carbon ingredients.


My favourite of all the sponges and the cheapest too at RM5.90 for set of two, So cute and there was only this set left along with another blue oblong shaped also with cute cartoon character on it but that was priced at RM6.90.