Kapiti Ice Cream On Stick White Choc & Raspberry Could Be An Indulgence


dsc_0096There’s nothing quite like a delicious indulgence from time to time and it doesn’t get better than Kapiti Ice Cream On Stick. The flavour I tried is White Choc & Raspberry which is definitely a premium category ice cream. Creamy vanilla ice cream, rippled with a raspberry coulis and dipped in white chocolate – this ranks among the best ice cream on stick I have tasted.


I was a little apprehensive about the level of sweetness as it’s white choc and not dark choc. It wasn’t overly sweet but may still be too sweet for some. Biting into the white choc coating, it was simply marvellous, so sublime. Then the luscious vanilla and raspberry coulis inside is so incredibly rich that this is one ice cream well worth the price.