It’s A Kind Of Magic

Magically Cool Liquid Powders

MAC’s Magically Cool Liquid Powders first became available in their Venomous Villains Collection late last year. Then, there were only 2 shades – Truth & Light (sheer shimmer that reflects silver and pink) and Cajun (sheer bronze that reflects gold). A few weeks ago, these 2 shades along with a new shade called Honey Rose (sheer rosy beige with multidimensional shimmer) were relaunched. This time, the powders are part of the permanent range.

These powders are described in MAC’s press release as “an alchemical fusion of water and pigment that goes on as a loose powder but with the refreshing feel of an ocean mist”. I think that pretty much sums it up because when I apply it, it feels lightweight and as if I have just spritzed facial mist on my face.

Truth & Light

You can see the shimmer particles in the tub (there is a sifter) and those with oily skins will probably think that’ll only add more shine to their faces. The best thing is to test it out instore and see what happens after a few hours of wear.

The cool sensation imparted by these powders is just what we need for our constantly hot and humid weather. However, it may not be for everyone, especially people who prefer their powders to be matte and not contain any shimmer. It gave my face a subtle glow, made it slightly luminous. It may not be that apparent from the pics below but I could see the difference between this powder (I have on Truth & Light) and my regular loose powders.

This powder is very fine and doesn’t look cakey on my face nor does it settle into fine lines. It’s not a powder I would use on an everyday basis.While I like the coolness of the powder, I prefer my loose powders to be more matte and less light reflecting. The powders can be used on selective areas of the face, just as a highlighter.

When the powders came out in the Venomous Villains Collection last year, they were RM128 for a whopping 24g while Select Sheer/Loose is just 8g and almost RM100. Now that the Magically Cool Liquid Powders are no longer in special packaging, they retail at RM121.

Note : This review is based on a sample of Truth & Light Magically Cool Liquid Powder.