Comparable Comparisons : Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF30/PA+++ & Estee Lauder Cyber White Brilliant Cells BB Creme SPF35/PA+++


These are two of the most recent BB Creams to join the fray. I am not a big fan of BB Creams and it’s one of the few makeup products I have never purchased. This review is based on samples of Clinique’s Age Defense BB Cream SPF30/PA+++ & Estee Lauder’s CyberWhite Brilliant Cells BB Creme SPF35/PA+++.

Other than the most obvious difference, i.e. Estee Lauder’s version has a higher SPF than Clinique’s, one can naturally expect Estee Lauder’s to be pricier or in this case, a lot pricier. It’s RM105 for 40ml of Clinique’s BB Cream while it’s RM175 for 30ml of Estee Lauder’s BB Creme.

These are the comparisons I’ve made between the two:-

(1) Estee Lauder’s is more fluid and very easy to blend into skin while Clinique’s is thicker and harder to blend. If I take time to blend Clinique’s BB Cream properly, I will end up with patches/streaks but with Estee Lauder’s there is no such issue. To get around this little problem with Clinique’s BB Cream, Clinique’s Consultant suggests mixing BB Cream with some Moisture Surge and then it will blend effortlessly.

(2) Estee Lauder’s is less beige than Clinique’s which in my observation, appears to be an intense beige.

(3) Estee Lauder’s coverage is more sheer and doesn’t cover pigmentation as well as Clinique’s. I feel like I need to apply foundation over Estee Lauder’s with Clinique’s, I am good to go with a light dusting of loose powder.

(4) Estee Lauder’s BB Creme acts more like a tinted moisturizer for me whereas Clinique’s version is more than that, it minimises the appearance of my pores.

(5) Both versions have good staying power since I don’t have oily skin and both give my skin a soft glow. After application of both versions, my skin appears smooth with Clinique’s BB Cream giving my skin a more even tone than Estee Lauder’s.

Based on the above, I would choose Clinique’s BB cream over Estee Lauder’s because I can do without foundation, it provides enough coverage. It’s good value for money, cheaper than Clinique’s foundations, not to mention other counter brands’ BB Creams. Interestingly, it is also cheaper than Clinique’s Derma White City Block Anti-Pollution SPF40/PA+++.

It would have been great if Clinique’s version had a higher SPF but then again, one can’t have everything. From my last visit to Clinique MidValley a few days ago, I understand that it’s sold out there and possibly the Jusco counter too. It’s not a surprise given the reasonable price for 40ml, 10ml more than foundations.

Overall Comments

Why BB Creams in the first place? Well, it’s a matter of personal preference. Of course, you could just use sunblock and foundation but BB Creams are multi-functional. It’s good for people who are in a hurry. A good BB Cream can be a replacement for both sunblock and foundation, cutting down time. They are more lightweight than foundations and therefore less likely to clog pores.

Tinted moisturisers are another option to foundations and some tinted moisturisers do contain sunscreen. There are tinted moisturisers which provide more coverage than others. At the end of the day, it really boils down to personal preference.

Obviously, since no two BB Creams are exactly the same shade, the best thing to do is try it out at the respective counters to find a perfect match. Clinique and Estee Lauder’s BB Creams seem to suit my skin tone but may not work for darker skin tones. Too bad both come in only 1 shade.


  1. The Clinique BB Cream is a disaster! I obtained a sample of it from a Clinique counter the other day and applied it on my face today. I have oily skin. It was very difficult to blend and looked very white and “sits” mask-like on my skin upon application. It even accentuated my pores! I tried to mix it with Estee Lauder’s Double Wear SPF 10 Foundation to see whether it would work better but that didn’t work either. I had no alternative but to wash it off completely. There was no way I could leave my house looking like that! Clinique definitely has to go back to the drawing board with this product!!