Isetan Kuala Lumpur Holds The Raya 2022 Fashion Show


20220408_130816A few days ago, Isetan Kuala Lumpur held their first ever Raya fashion showcase. In line with its goal to be a ‘total lifestyle’ fashion store that offers quality merchandise, Isetan Kuala Lumpur officially welcomes the festival of Eid by celebrating a family album worthy of Raya 2022 Collection from various local brands, all available at Isetan KLCC.

The featured local brands this year for Raya 2022 Collection bring you a range of chic and elegant pieces  – filled with statement prints and breathable fabrics that will leave you comfortable wherever you are.



Mimpikita, a leading contemporary modest fashion brand has announced its new raya collection under a campaign that centers around the spirit of sisterhood – Tentang Kita. Tentang Kita celebrates the good and challenging side of sisterhood; both the funny, encouraging ones and the crazy, moody ones. It also highlights the powerful bond among women and the inspiring success stories of when women come together.

At the core of the campaign is the Tentang Kita short film featuring real-life and also on-screen sisters Nadiya Nisaa, Min Luna & Aida Noris. The story follows the beautiful yet challenging journey of three sisters who share a common dream – to create their own kuih raya business. This quirky and relatable fashion, launched on 7th April 2022, is on Mimpikita’s youtube channel,

Anticipating that there is going to be a full-on Hari Raya celebration this year, Mimpikit’s Tentang Kita collection is designed with the festive mood in mind. Inspired by the motifs of various traditional kuih, the exclusive prints capture the joyous essence of kuih raya in vibrant and sweet pastel colours.



The name UMMA comes from the Arabic word ‘ummah’, meaning ‘a community bound together by ties of religion’. UMMA is a sisterhood of modern, modest women, from all walks of life. The brand was established in Kuala Lumpur in 2016. UMMA’s founder, Zairin Azman, saw the need for comfortable, versatile, fashionable clothing, without compromising modesty, and always at an accessible price.

UMMA hopes to grow into Malaysia’s leading brand for modest wear. As part of their promise to give you the best, all their clothing is designed in-house. The items incorporate lines of simple sophistication and reflect the UMMA woman’s standards of strength, beauty, courage, freedom and independence. The identity of the UMMA woman is evident in every fold of fabric and every detail.



Manta is an independent Malaysian Fashion Brand that produces conscious wear to those who have their own preferences for styling and comfort that represents a lifestyle of dignity, respect and love.

It introduces the key elements and characteristics of Manta, such as in its brand spirit, brand values, brand aspirations, and brand USP. It is about what and who Manta is as a brand.

Manta makes conscious wear for those who dress to look their best every day – those who believe that how they look outside is a reflection of how they feel inside.



Rico Rinaldi has been in the fashion industry for over 10 years. Rico graduated from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology with the award of Best Lifestyle Designer 2008. Rico Rinaldi is known for his collections inspired by nature. Known as an expert in embellishment and beading, most of his designs have a simple silhouette that flatters with each fitting.

Variante Lebaran 2022


With Variante’s signature of reverence for the sophisticated stylish feminine silhouette, one can imagine oneself standing out from the crowd in any one of the pieces. Taking inspiration from all things bright and beautiful, this year’s Lebaran collection promises to captivate. The colours are soothing and calm. Silhouettes are stylish, modest and classy.

Fabrics are carefully selected for ease in movement and comfort, bearing in mind our summer-like weather all year round. Lounge around your festivities in Variante’s pant suits, and kurung sets. Embrace the majestic vibes in their signature tunics and kaftans. Long romantic flowy dresses take you from day to night. This collection boasts a variety of prints from bold stripes to soft floral to monograms.

Petit Moi


Petit Moi creates timeless, high quality pieces that will last forever. Born in Malaysia, their design exudes a certain joie de vivre, enjoyment of life. Beyond a piece that will make you look good, they only desire to make you feel amazing and live your best life.

Crafted with love, Petit Moi offers luxury quality at an accessible price. Born out of a mutual love of fashion, they began with a desire to dress up their very own “petit moi“, their little me. Being mothers, Iman and Farihin wanted to create quality clothing for their children – timeless pieces that were stylish but allowed children the freedom to run, play and just be children.  Having come from a family experienced in clothing production, Petit Moi began in 2016 by creating childrenswear that were stylish and comfortable. Quality pieces that were perfect for any occasion and to last for generations.

In 2019, Petit Moi created their adult line, clothing for women and men that holds true to the brand’s value – luxury quality, stylish and comfortable. Something for each family member.

Currently, the brand has grown to include accessories, stationeries and more – all designed with that Petit Moi touch.


20220408_12592620220408_125753Exclusively designed by a creative mother of five, the collection is an assembly of tasteful timeless styles with lasting value fabrics. Making her kids her biggest muse, the designer incorporates her passion for art and fashion with what her kids want and are willing to wear.



Larney presents ‘Regal Raya’, 15 new designs in various colours, the campaign is fronted by Fyza Kadir and Whulandary Herman, draped in exclusive Larney pieces. ‘Regal Raya’ is a lavish affair with high quality tailoring fit for fashion royalty.

Larney makes a triumphant return with some of their most celebrated pieces such as Lockdown Kurung, Reborn Kurung Riau and Rebirth Kaftan, injected with new refined colours and designs for that luxurious take. Staying true to the aesthetics of Larney, known for their feminine and sophisticated creations, the ‘Regal Raya’ collection unveils the brand’s glamourous twist silhouette play with a touch of nostalgia.