Healthy And Delicious Fare At Wrappe


dsc_6709There’s not a lot of eateries at The Linc KL. I was tempted to cross over to The Intermark as there’s a food court over there with a mix rice stall I like and doesn’t break my budget. I was having lunch on my own and walking up and down The Linc KL wondering what to tuck into. Wrappe seemed like a good option as prices were generally below RM20.

dsc_6706dsc_6707Of course as the name suggests, they specialise in wraps which looked very tempting but I ordered a lunch bowl. You can see the staff preparing the wraps etc. with lots of greens so it is all extremely healthy and well balanced. My lunch option was Finding Dory which includes cherry tomatoes, red onions, capsicum (I passed on capsicum), cucumber, red onions, red cabbage, Romaine lettuce. You can choose two sauces from a list. I chose Honey Asian Sesame and Olive Oil & Balsamic. The taste was quite sour but I’m fine with that.

The bowl arrived about 10 minutes after I was seated. I would say it’s an average serving, left me wanting more. It’s two pieces of crispy on the outside, soft on the inside dory fish and plenty of vegetables as mentioned above. At the cashier, I was asked whether I wanted a salad or rice. I chose rice as it would be more filling. Everything was very fresh and the combination was lovely as the vegetables were crunchy and I loved the fish and rice. A good eatery with plenty of healthy options.