HAPIMOMS Lactation Cookies, HAPIHEROS Natural Baby Cereal

HAPIFAM Products
HAPIFAM Products

HAPIFAM is on a mission to make things right. Eating right is essential for a healthy life as this is the first line of defence against sickness and disease. If you require medical treatment, it means that your body has succumbed to the various threats that impact our daily life. HAPIFAM, a portmanteau of “Happy” and “Family”, is a home-grown Asian brand that understands how nutritious foods can act as preventive measures to various illnesses. Featuring special formulas, their range of healthy products target specific members of the family, such as growing kids and lactating moms.


HAPIMOMS Lactation Cookies
HAPIMOMS Lactation Cookies

Under the HAPIFAM brand umbrella, HAPIMOMS is a delicious and nutritious treat to help mothers-to-be and breastfeeding moms through one of the most exciting periods of their lives. HAPIMOMS Lactation Cookies are made from natural ingredients that have been carefully researched and selected by their in-house nutritionist and food technologist.

These cookies are made with fenugreek, Brewer’s yeast, fennel seeds, organic coconut oil, blueberries, and many more nutritious ingredients to help mothers boost their milk supply, making breastfeeding a happy and stress-free adventure.

Hapimama (character) represents the strong, independent, and healthy Asian mom. Hapimama loves her family and her baby unconditionally and only want the healthiest op6on for her child. She instinctively knows that healthy life and food make for a happy life. Like the modern Asian mom, she is positive and fashionable; and always knows what’s best for her and her family. Offering a variety of flavours – the classic and all-6me favourite chocolate chip; their delectable tasting brownies; and a non-chocolate option – mixed berries. Their aim is to make not one, but two individuals (both mom and baby) happy!


HAPIHEROS Cereal Range
HAPIHEROS Cereal Range

HAPIHEROS is another brand under the HAPIFAM umbrella. Catering to the little ones aged 6 months and above, the HAPIHEROS cereal range comes with unique Asian flavours and is their way to ensure our most precious ones grow up strong and healthy. Their offerings of original rice, mixed fruits, purple sweet potato, and beetroot & goji berries ensure our children develop the same taste as mommy and daddy.

As parents, we always want the best for our children. As such, they have ensured their HAPIHEROS cereal range is packed with DHA, which supports brain and eye development in young children. Their cereals also contain multigrain that maintains good digestion; and the necessary prebiotic and probiotic levels to maintain a strong immune system whilst boosting and growing good gut bacteria.

Additionally, their cereal range is all-natural and maltodextrin-free; and tested to be free of heavy metals. As our children are heroes of the future, Hapiboi (character) is an energetic, strong, playful and healthy tiger cub that symbolises what we want for our little ones. And like our little ones, he brings joy, laughter and cheer to the family.

More information about HAPIFAM and its’ products can be found on www.hapifam.com. HAPIFAM hopes to be an ambassador for our healthy Asian way of life and foods opening doors for greater acceptance of products from the Far East. “Healthy and tasty” is our way forward.

Thousands of HAPINFTs up for grab!


HAPINFT Collection
HAPINFT Collection

HAPINFT is a special NFT project by HAPIFAM. More than a digitised collectible, their limited edition NFT collection comes with free membership, special invitations to HAPIFam events, free products, vouchers and much more.

First edition of HapiNFT features their Hapiboi in 4 different characters which are HapiBoi Feugo, HapiBoi Hydro, HapiBoi Rocky & HapiBoi Bolt. Each of the characters represents a superpower inspired by the 4 elements – fire, water, earth and air. All of them have a special story and meaning that is aimed at representing HAPIFAM values. You can keep it as a collectible or sell it in the NFT marketplace.

As one of the few FMCG organisations to recognise the potential of the metaverse, HAPIFAM is already shaping the NFT market; and as stated in their 2022 roadmap, they aim to penetrate the metaverse to further expand their influence. Thousands of NFT cards will be randomly placed in HAPIHEROS boxes. You could be one of the lucky few to ‘get’ the minted NFT cards when you purchase their products.

To simplify the redemption processes, HAPINFT is working with Enjin, one of the most reliable & friendly platforms.