Hada Labo Beauty Talk With Xiao Kai



Renowned Taiwanese beauty guru who appears on popular beauty/lifestyle programme, Ladies First was at 1 Utama Shopping Centre this afternoon to talk about skincare tips vis-a-vis Hada Labo products. First impression : Xiao Kai looks like he can be a top actor because the man has the right looks and height. His appearance is definitely swoon-worthy and who doesn’t love a man with such good skin?

Back to the topic at hand before I digress to the point of no return (Xiao Kai can do that plus make many a woman’s heart beat a little faster), Xiao Kai spoke on the importance of skin hydration – the first thing he does after brushing his teeth in the morning is to drink a whole glass of water, this helps to detoxify skin too. He stressed the importance of having good skin before putting on make-up.




Xiao Kai demonstrated the use of Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion which comes in 2 variations. It’s enough to pat the lotion gently on to skin and this will improve skin luminosity and radiance.

after foundation

after fdn

Applying Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion before foundation will make the application smoother and easier. Just look at how super luminous the model’s skin is after Xiao Kai applied liquid foundation.

This Hada Labo Beauty Talk With Xiao Kai was interesting and I am sure Xiao Kai has many, many more tips to share with us. Perhaps another session with Xiao Kai soon, Hada Labo?