Free Shipping Vouchers That Don’t Work Half The Time


shopeeStarting midnight on 21st August, Shopee Malaysia offered lowered free shipping with RM9 free shipping vouchers meaning even sellers who normally didn’t give free shipping or free shipping with RM15 or RM40 minimum purchase would give free shipping with RM9 purchase. All very well and good if the vouchers worked. I had 2 fabric masks in my cart @ RM5 each but when I tried to check out at midnight, the voucher didn’t work and when I tried again, the voucher disappeared. I tried again at 9am 21st August using the 2nd voucher and when I tried to check out, the system froze. Then the voucher disappeared again. I used the 3rd voucher at noon 21st August and luckily this time it worked.

There were 2 purses at RM6.33 each in my cart with the total purchase at RM12.66. I tried to use the 4th voucher at 9pm 21st August & although it was successfully applied, I was charged shipping fee when I checked out. This time the voucher didn’t disappear even after 15 minutes but every time it was applied, I was still charged shipping so in the end, I gave up and didn’t buy the purses. This isn’t the 1st time this has happened. I wonder if Shopee knows about this issue. There is no point promoting lowered free shipping for the 6.6, 7.7, 8.8, 9.9 events if I can’t use them most of the time.