Feeling Merry With Clinique Violet Berry


I’ve had a far longer association with Clinique make-up than its skincare. I absolutely love Clinique lipsticks, have been a fan for close to 2 decades and hopefully there will be a few more decades left for me to keep loving them.

One of my all-time favourite lipsticks is Violet Berry Long Last Lipstick. I’ve got to have it around and this is the shade I keep going back to. What’s not to love? Fantastic colour pay-off, texture is smooth and feels hydrating, no fragrance and best of all price is extremely reasonable for 4g.

Violet Berry is such a wearable shade, it doesn’t look as dark as what you see in the tube. It complements any eye shadow colours and isn’t too intense for day wear. I ♥ this shade beyond description.

Staying power’s pretty good as touch-ups aren’t necessary unless I’ve had a few glasses of water or had a meal. It gets an “A+” in the value-for-money category as it’s RM66 for 4g while MAC lipsticks are RM68 for 3g.