Experienced Bad Service Before But This One Is Exceptionally Bad


screenshot_20191208-111158Some courier companies are incredibly efficient and surprisingly give great service but then there’s this one – City-Link Express which unfortunately is anything but express as far as my parcel is concerned. On 29 November, the sender dispatched a parcel to me and till the end of this week, the parcel is still stuck at the courier company’s Jenjarom office.

The status (when I type in the consignment number) is that the recipient’s address is invalid. I fail to see how that is possible when I received a call from them on Thursday informing me that their driver would be delivering on Friday morning so I made sure there was someone at home then. The driver didn’t show up so on Friday afternoon, I called their customer service centre only to be told the parcel was at Jenjarom. It’s rather far away from me otherwise I wouldn’t mind collecting myself.

I was told to call their Jenjarom office which I did but after ten attempts I gave up simply because no one picked up. I called the customer service centre again and spoke to one of their managers who seemed very helpful. Told me he’d ask the driver to call me that day itself. No call so by 5.20pm I called them again and spoke to another manager. This second guy told me the driver would deliver to me on Saturday morning (yesterday).

Actually I didn’t even want to give them the benefit of the doubt so I went out. I checked the status before I went out and it was still the same – recipient’s address invalid. Why didn’t anyone bother to call me before declaring my address invalid? They should have delivered to me by Tuesday latest. Instead, my parcel is in limbo with no one bothering to call me to inform when my parcel will be delivered for sure. Not sure what is wrong with their service but I can say it’s dreadful and I don’t even have any hopes that my parcel will be delivered next week.