Exceeding Expectations At Zen Beaute


After my last facial with a deal website voucher, I’d just about given up on value deal facials but I had 2 more to go, one of them a facial at Zen Beaute. This mydeal voucher was for a facial and slimming session. The previous facial also came with a slimming session which was almost as much a waste of time as the facial so I was obviously a little apprehensive about the service at Zen Beaute.

I made an appointment for the slimming session first. I don’t expect or believe that one slimming session will take inches off my waist or that I will feel lighter. Zen Beaute is located in a busy area, lots of eateries and similar businesses there. The only time I’d be able to find a park right in front of the shop would be on a Sunday morning.

The slimming session consisted of a body fat mass analysis (I need to lose quite a fair percentage!) followed by ensconcement in the confines of an infra-red blanket after being cling wrapped. Not exactly my idea of fun things to do on a Sunday morning but since it was part of the deal, why not. This was followed by the Cardio Slim Treatment where wires were attached to pads on various parts of my body. The vibrations took some getting used to.

The week after the slimming session, I went for the facial. I wasn’t asked whether I wanted to upgrade the facial so that was a good sign. The only time I was asked whether I wanted an extra ampoule was during the facial but when I declined, the beautician didn’t push it.

My facial wasn’t customised, as stated on the voucher, it is for a H2O Hydro Spa Facial so essentially it was hydrating facial. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty of the facial. What I liked about the facial was that the beautician was obviously experienced unlike the one at my previous facial who made dents on my face with the blackhead extractor.

Zen’s beautician has almost 10 years experience and was really careful during the extraction process. She extracted only where necessary. At my last facial, the beautician dragged the extractor all over my face asif she was raking hay.

The facial uses BelleWave skincare products. I don’t know anything about this brand and only knew about it because I have seen their ads in Chinese magazines (not that I read them but occasionally I do flick through them since hair salons have more Chinese mags than English ones).

What made the Zen Beaute facial stand out was the massage skills of the beautician. She massaged my face with firm strokes and that was excellent. There was also a shoulder massage while the masks were on my face.

My facial took almost 3 hours but thank goodness the bed was comfortable enough with a thin but adequate duvet and thoughtfully, a bolster under my knees. It’s small touches like this that make me consider going back to a place and I will for a body massage.

After the facial, I was asked whether I wanted to take a package of up to 6 sessions for the same facial at RM79 each. In other words, it’s up to me whether I want to take 1, 2 or maximum 6 facials at RM79 each. I think it is a good deal for such a lengthy facial and because the place exceeded my expectations, I am trying out their body massage soon.

Zen Beaute is located at No 45, Jalan Kuchai Maju 6, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, 58200 Kuala Lumpur (03-7980 2657).




  1. First of all, thank you! I saw a deal voucher on I Love Discount featuring Zen Beaute and I must say, I too have my presumptions on all these facial deals and the likes. Thank goodness I found your review as I was telling myself there’s no way I could find someone who wrote a review about this place. Not many knows Kuchai Lama exists, you see. I just want your professional (perhaps personal too) opinion about this deal – http://www.ilovediscounts.my/kuala-lumpur/zen-beaute/zen-beaute-massage-detox-package/?utm_campaign=7941d8889e-05_04_12_KL_SetMealMassages4_5_2012&utm_medium=email&utm_source=I+Love+Discounts+Email.

    Do you think it’s worth a try? I don’t want to buy a deal voucher at such a cheap price and end up having a horrible time (and result!) after my visit! Hope you can help! 🙂

    • My personal opinion is one trial of this treatment won’t make any difference. Nothing wrong with the service at all but I would rather choose an aromatherapy massage rather than this kind of treatment. You are right. Not many people know Kuchai Lama exists, haha!