Incredibly Intense : Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color

Top to Bottom – F-Bomb, Crush, Punch Drunk, Adrenaline, Big Bang

Generally, I have a liking for jumbo lip crayons because they double up as lipliners and lipsticks. I’m too lazy to use lipliners even though I have a few so whenever I see lip crayons, I make a beeline for them as I like any product that does double duty.

Urban Decay’s Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Colors are creamy and pigmented 8mm chubby pencils. There are no brownish or neutral tones among the 5 Lip Colors, these aren’t for those looking for shades suitable for work unless your colleagues are the type who won’t blink an eye when you wear loud and strong makeup colors.

So what we have here are seriously opaque colors, textures are soft and creamy. I start applying the pencils to my lip outline and work inwards. These aren’t colors I’d wear during the day because I prefer more muted tones before dusk but some ladies can pull off such colors during the day.

Urban Decay weren’t kidding when they called them “super-saturated”. The color pay-off is fantastic and sans equal for lip crayons. They don’t dry out my lips, perhaps because they contain plant derivatives such as Phytosterol which is said to promote skin hydration and rejuvenates skin.

They are all more long-wearing than my average lipstick as they don’t fade until my next meal. The only issues I had with these products were that the color transfers quite easily to food/cups and every time I sharpen them, they leave some color on the blade as the crayon tips are so soft.

The 5 Lip Colors are:-

1) F-Bomb (bright red cream)

2) Crush (hot pink)

3) Punch Drunk (bright orange cream)

4) Adrenalin (bright fuchsia sparkle)

5) Big Bang (bright pink with sparkle)

I think that the most outstanding color of the lot is Punch Drunk as it’s so orange, this isn’t a color I’d normally go for but strangely enough, I sort of like it. It’s just so out of my norm and it took more than a few applications before I got more accustomed to it.

My favourites are the ones with sparkle, Adrenaline and Big Bang and if I had to make a choice between these 2, it’d have to be Adrenaline. It’s so indescribably beautiful and there’s something about this shade that makes me happy when I look at the color on my lips.

One final pic, this is what my lips look like after a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin breakfast (I applied Big Bang earlier).

The sparkle in Big Bang is still very much noticeable and there is still some visible color too. I like the products but I do wish the formulation was less soft as it’s quite a chore to clean the sharpener blade every time they are sharpened. Also, a word of caution : store them in a very cool place otherwise they might melt on to the cap. This is especially relevant in our year-round sunny, tropical weather.

They are available at Sephora and are 2.8g/RM72.

Note : The products were provided by PR for review.