Official Opening Of Raw Nature Skin Body Therapy Clinic


Raw Nature’s Skin Body Therapy Clinic was officially opened on 22nd October, 2011. They offer facials and body treatments using natural and organic products such as Living Nature, Florame and Dr. Alkaitis. The Mineral Element Facial is Raw Nature’s signature facial.

The slimming and body detox treatments are quite different from that offered in other salons as Raw Nature’s slimming treatments incorporate essential oils, specific massage techniques and herbs. The Organic Herbal Steam Treatment is one of their specialty body treatments.

During the official opening, a buffet spread of delicious vegetarian food was served. My favourites were the Spinach Egg Salad and Mushroom Satay. As you can see from the pics below, the Mushroom Satay was also the crowd favourite.


Present at the event was Eco Model International winner, Ms. Amanda Cheng Yi Ling (middle) with Jacqueline Tai, MD of Raw Nature (left) and Melody Greenwood, Principal of Raw Nature.

I had the opportunity to try the Infra Dome Treatment but no pics of the Infra Dome as the treatment room was shared with another guest. There are 3 Infra Domes in the treatment room. The Infra Dome looks like something from Star Trek/Battlestar Galactica as it’s like a space pod with red glowing lights. I lay supine on the Infra Dome for 20 minutes to sweat it out, apparently it induces 2-3 times more sweat than a traditional steam sauna but with less discomfort. For more info on the Infra Dome, have a look at the supplier’s website.

My skin was glowing after 20 minutes in the Infra Dome and I believe it promoted blood circulation. It was better than being in a sauna as I can hardly breathe properly after a few minutes in a sauna and constantly have to open the door of the sauna but in the Infra Dome, I can breathe normally.

Raw Nature’s treatments are unique and specially designed by their expert and consultant, Dr. Lim who has more than 25 years’ experience in the health and beauty fields. They state that they do not use intrusive equipments and that their products do not contain any chemicals or synthetic preservatives.