Everyday Can Be A Glad Hair Day


Every shampoo has its own distinctive scent and every Soap & Glory product has a unique scent which makes Soap & Glory such a popular brand for bodycare products. Their Glad Hair Day™ shampoo has the fruity fragrance of raspberries. I’ve worked with raspberries when I was actively baking for a living and even they don’t come close to the scent contained within this shampoo.

The shampoo contains raspberry fruit extract and this probably contributes to the so intoxicating scent. I wouldn’t mind this scent in their shower gel/lotion as well. The colour of this shampoo is a pale pink. It cleanses my hair and scalp very well but the best thing about it isn’t the scent. I like it because it makes my hair feel soft to the extent that I believe I can do without a conditioner if need be.

When I used this shampoo for the first time, there seemed to be quite a bit of hair fall-out but for subsequent uses, there was less fall-out. I don’t need to dispense much product (even for hair as long as mine) for a good cleanse and lather.

It’s also a good thing that it comes in a flip-top tube as I can snip off the top when it’s almost empty so that nothing goes to waste. To complement this shampoo, Glad Hair Day™ Conditioners for fine and thick hair are available although I have only sighted the Conditioner for fine to normal hair at our local Sephora outlets.

The Glad Hair Day™ Shampoo is suitable for all hair types including highlighted and heat processed hair.

The 250ml Glad Hair Day Shampoo is already available at local Sephora outlets for RM35.

Note : Glad Hair Day Shampoo was provided by PR for this review.