Eagle Brand Green Medicated Oil


dsc_8448A lot of families have probably got Eagle Brand Green Medicated Oil in their medicine cabinet. My family used other types of medicated lotions so I’d not heard of Eagle Brand Green Medicated Oil until I did a thorough browsing of what drugstores offered for my sprained wrist. My friend recommended Eagle Brand Green Medicated Oil, made in Indonesia. She thinks it is better than other similar products.

At Caring, there were 2 sizes, the really tiny one and the biggest one at 24ml. I bought the 24ml bottle since I didn’t think 3ml would get me any results. Many people have come to recognize its distinguishable and refreshing green colour and unique fragrance that gently soothes and quickly brings welcome relief to headaches and colds. This special formulation has the therapeutic properties of Eucalyptus oil, Menthol and Camphor. The natural green color of the oil comes from Chlorophyll.

The bottle is really beautiful, almost looks like a fragrance bottle. It has a uniquely shaped Parisian ascending design. The scent is unlike any other medicated oil I have used as it isn’t Menthol but rose. This rosewater fragrance is really pleasant. The oil itself is concentrated. I only need a drop each time I massage my hand. It gives a soothing effect and it is the most aromatherapeutic medicated oil I have ever used.

At Caring Pharmacy, a 24ml bottle retails at RM12.65.