Dual Layer & Dual Purpose : ZA Eye & Lip Makeup Remover


After using 3 bottles of Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover one after the other, I decided I needed a change so I went scouting for a suitable replacement, preferably from a brand I’d never purchased anything from before. I found it in the form of ZA Eye & Lip Makeup Remover, good for removing waterproof makeup according to the product description.

It’s one of those bi-phase or dual-layer products where you’ve got to shake the bottle so that the 2 layers are mixed together. The 3 most important factors I look for in an eye makeup remover are:-

  • removes eye makeup effectively without tugging at the eyelids.
  • eyelids don’t feel dry and tight after eye makeup remover has been applied.
  • doesn’t irritate or sting eyes.

ZA Eye & Lip Makeup Remover met all my requirements, it was indeed very effective in removing even waterproof mascara and eye shadows which are harder to remove than others like those with shimmer or pigments.

There was also no oily feeling on my lids which I expected from a dual-layer eye makeup remover. I do like this product but am not sure if I will stick to it as I always like to try out new products. At RM15.20 (10% discounted price)/RM16.90 (normal retail price) for a 90ml bottle, price is reasonable for a product that works well.