Drugstore Find Of The Week #3 : Heroine Make Liquid Rouge


The Heroine Make range of cosmetics from Japan sure has some cute packaging. They have loose powders, eyeliners and mascaras, just to name a few. For a brand found in a drugstore, prices aren’t exactly in the low-end category. Other than Watsons, it’s also available at Sasa outlets.

There’re 3 colours of lip glosses in the Heroine Make range, 01 Sugar Rose, 02 Apricot Rose and 03 Berry Rose. The first 2 shades look rather pale and unappealing, I thought they probably wouldn’t show up much if used on their own so I settled on 03 Berry Rose which is a very natural looking rosy colour.

The front cover of the packaging only has Japanese characters all over it but thankfully the product description on the reverse has been translated into English. It states that it’s been formulated with highly moisturizing essence ingredients such as rosemary extract, chamomile extract and rose hip oil. Indeed, it does feel very moisturizing and not as sticky as some other lip glosses I’ve tried.

I don’t think it’s given me fuller lips but it does have a lovely shine. It isn’t as pigmented as Shiseido’s Luminizing Lip Gloss but then that one is in a class of its own so it’s like comparing lemons to apples.

The sponge-tip applicator has a pointy end and it’s like a scoop. Staying power is quite good as there’s still some colour on my lips after a cup of tea but it does leave stains on the cup. The colour will stay put if I don’t drink/eat so touch-ups are unnecessary.

This is a fragrance free product which suits me just fine as I’d rather have unscented lip products. The product description even tells you that the product lasts about three months when used once a day but for many of us who don’t use the same lip product everyday, it’d last at least twice that time.

It’s helpful to have the expiry date of the product printed on the packaging as so many products do not have that essential information. For RM39.90, one gets quite a lot of product (7g). I’m satisfied with this lip gloss and will be looking out to try other Heroine Make cosmetics in due course.