Tried And Trying : Majolica Majorca Eyes Reset Gel


In early January, I stopped at the Majolica Majorca display in Watson’s because I had a handful of eyeshadow swatches I needed to remove, so I was looking around for an eye makeup remover tester. It so happened that Majolica Majorca had the Eyes Reset Gel tester handy.

With a dollop of the eyes reset gel on the back of my hand, I massaged the gel on to each swatch with my other hand and the colours came off quickly and with such ease that I promptly purchased one tube.

Little did I know that the eyes reset gel would be so trying. It’s described as an oil-gel used without wetting hands or face. Just apply the size of a pearl on each eye and start massaging gently with fingertips.

The first time I used it, I thought I applied too much because my vision went blur. I had to grope around for a cotton pad to wipe it off, I was actually unprepared as I thought I could just wash it off but it needed to be wiped off first.

It was effective in removing waterproof mascara or even non-waterproof mascara which with other eye makeup removers, would be quite difficult to remove and it is actually rather gentle and moisturising. Unfortunately, it has that downside stated above.

I had no better luck the second time I used it when I was more careful to apply less. The same thing happened and it wasn’t a pleasant sensation at all. I just wanted to get it off asap. Who wants to use a product that’ll leave them with temporary impaired vision?

My main grouse with this product is that this is the only eye makeup remover I’ve tried so far that caused my vision to go hazy. With only one eye open, I had to try and get the gel off my eye and my vision only returned to normal with repeated wipes with a slightly wet cotton pad.

It’s a pity that the eyes reset gel has this problem otherwise it’d be a better than average eye makeup remover because it removes all manner of eye makeup well. Having said that, within a month of my purchase, the eyes reset gel has been flying off the shelves from what I have observed at Watson’s Pavilion and MidValley. At Pavilion a few weeks ago, I noticed there were only 2 tubes left.

Seems to me that there are lots of ladies out there who are just as curious about this eyes reset gel. I’m going to use it with a cotton bud to remove any under-eye smudges from now on. Perhaps the formula could be reset?

The eyes reset gel (30g) is made in Japan by Shiseido Co. Ltd. and priced at RM29.90 although I got it at a 10% discount. Definitely DO NOT use this product with contact lens on, there’s a warning on the reverse of the packaging to this effect.


  1. Wow thats really bad! I myself have tried out several eye make up removers as below:-

    1. Dermalogica’s eye make up remover – its really good and since the formula is quite mild, so i did not feel any pain after using it. *recommended*
    2. Biore Facial Wipes – it effectively removes all make up, including eye make up, and leave my face quite moisturised after using it. Sometimes when I’m lazy i’ll remove it with the wipes, and hop to bed! 😉 *recommended*
    3. Biore Cleansing Oil – it has the painful after use effects for eyes that will leave you temporarily blinded by the pain so im now using it for my face make up removal. Plus the eye make up was not 100% removed, which beats the purpose. *not quite recommended*

    • Thanks for sharing. I haven’t tried Dermalogica before but you are right, Biore Facial Wipes are really good but Biore Cleansing Oil is not effective enough for removing eye makeup.