Despite My Dozen Online Purchases During MCO I Still Prefer To Shop In Stores


screenshot_20200423-093208After placing an order online, I get a little obsessive about checking on the status of the order. I can only breathe a sigh of relief when the order has been shipped out by the due date of shipping. Last Friday (17/4) I placed an order for one of these cute masks (the one with the teeny-weeny cat waving at the side of the mask) as it’s so cheap and I love anything with cats on them.

The seller was supposed to ship on 21/4. I contacted the seller on that day to confirm if the mask had been shipped and he confirmed he had. He said that sometimes there was a logistics update delay. I expected to see a confirmed shipping update on 22/4 and waited the whole of yesterday for that update but the status was still at “preparing”.

This morning, I contacted Shopee Malaysia customer service who assured me the order would be auto-cancelled on 25/4 if the status of the order was still “preparing”. That’s good to know because I can’t wait forever for the status to change and I don’t want to have to cancel the order myself just in case the seller really has shipped and it’s really just a glitch in the system that the status hasn’t been updated. That’s why I still prefer to shop in a physical store, none of this waiting around for the order to be shipped and after that for the item to be delivered.